I can not get access to the net and I really don`t know why

Roon Core Machine

I have restarted my Roon, and I have restarted my Mac twice, but without heling me at all. So, what can I do?

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Please fill in the details of your Roon and network setup and give details of any error messages that you are seeing. Thank you.

Hi Geoff.
I´ve had Roon for 3-4 years now, enjoying the fabulous sound I get. I am using a BlueSound streamer.

Up until a week ago, I had no problem connecting to the net, but the last days, nothing happens when I try to access the net. No warnings, except when I restarted my Macbook today, the software from Roon told me once I had no contact to the net. I am playing Tidal now with no problems, and I used Spotify yesterday, so, can you please give me some hints how to get connected to the net with my Roon software?
I have around 2500 CD`s ripped on my BlueSound, but Roon can only find 99 out of those 2500.

In advance thanks with regards from Egil.

I am using a new Macbook pro for controlling my Roon, Spotify and Tidal. I have a router which works well where I receive data for my telly and all I need for my Mac.

Have you tried rebooting your router? And, what is the make and model of your router?

Thanks for the tip regarding the router. It does run both my Tidal & Spotify + my TV-box without problems, but I will try right away. The router is called “Sagemcom C5” which I have used for all music from Roon since I became a member of the Roon-family. I have now restarted my Mac, my amp, my BlueSound Box and my router. WOW, it works again. Thanks a lot for your help Geoff. Best of regards from Egil

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