I can play hi res but not FLAC 44.1 KHz 16 bit

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iMac Pro

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Thunderbolt to Lacie d2 Thunderbolt

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Description Of Issue

Roon has been running in my house for a week. Seamlessly to 2 Bluesound Node 2i, to Sonus output, to my MacBook with USB to Primare NP30. By my iMac, I have a TEAC UD-501 which has worked perfectly with Audirvana via USB. Streaming from Qobuz at 96Khz 24bit, the sound quality is excellent through headphones and B&W speakers. However, 44.1Khz 16 bit CD lossless files from Qobuz and my music library simply don’t play. The tracks move on after 30 seconds or so. I have tried various configurations in audio settings but to no avail.

I am clearly missing something simple but I can’t find the solution.

Are you employing any upsampling or DSP to the 44.1 files

No (as far as I am aware). The 44.1 files play perfectly using my library through iTunes, Audirvana 3.5.19 and Qobuz with Roon switched off. It seems to be a Roon conflict which I can’t resolve.

But internet radio works with relatively low resolution

Hello @Probus5002,

Some TEAC DACs have a known issue when connected to macOS hosts where they will get into a broken state when changing their sample rate. Enabling PCM upsampling may prevent this behavior from happening.

A. Enter the DSP Engine setup page. You can get to the DSP Engine by clicking on the “speaker” volume icon in the bottom right of the Roon app.
B. Open the Sample Rate Conversion screen.
C. Select the “Max PCM Rate” option.

If you set the TEAC output this way, do you still experience the same behavior?

The work-around but a cumbersome solution.

  1. Roon is playing high res files but will not play 44.1/16 bit files.
  2. Quit Roon and close down the application.
  3. Open Audirvana and play open a 44.1/16 bit file.
  4. Close Audirvana and open Roon and 44.1/16 bit files will play.
  5. Roon will not allow 96/24 bit files or higher to play.
  6. Close Roon and open Audirvana to play a 96/24 bit file and back to Roon.
  7. Roon will open internet radio after playing 96/24 files but after listening to internet radio the highest files playable are 44.1/16 files.
  8. There must be an easier way to manage this issue. I do not have Roon and Audirvana open at the same time.

From what I have seen of Roon, it is an outstanding application and manages music files and streaming services so much better than Audirvana. I have another issue which I have another work-around. Audirvana recognises my Primare NP30 media streamer via ethernet and allows me to play high res files via my iMac. Roon does not recognise the Primare (although to be fair it is not a “Roon-ready” device).

Hi @Probus5002,

Please give these suggestions a try and let me know how it goes:

Bingo! It works. Thank you.

I just have to decide whether I purchase one year or a lifetime licence.

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Great, glad to hear it worked @Probus5002!

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