I can "see" my storage library on shared Nucleus on my Mac, but I can't add to it

My iMac offers my Nucleus as a shared computer.

By clicking on it, I can see the Roon software (no touch!) and I can also see every file on my storage HD-- in a folder labeled “HIGH RES MUSIC”–connected to it. I thought this would be a great way to update my library. No luck.

I have file sharing turned on, I have signed in as a guest (no Nucleus password), but when I drag and drop a new file, I am asked for an Apple password (for my iMac, I assume). When I enter the correct password, I am met by:

“Items can’t be copied to “HIGH RES MUSIC” because you don’t have permission to read them.”

How do I get around this so I can easily add new files through files sharing?

Is this because my USB connected hard drive is MAC formatted and read only?

Hi @Mike_Rife,

What kind of drive is this? How is the drive formatted?

I would recommend checking out our KB page on this topic for best practices info.

Hi Dylan -

So, after reading your referenced best practices, I guess that is the location of my bottleneck. This is the same La Cie 4TB external drive I used when I was running my core on a MacMini, and it is Mac formatted. I have nearly 3TB of music files installed with room for more. Works fine with my Nucleus.

I could reformat the drive to FAT and copy music files from my one of my Mac formatted backup drives, I guess. Do you think that could work?

Might be simpler to disconnect my drive from the Nucleus and load new files from my MacBook as needed. Not an elegant solution, but gets the job done.

Which would you recommend?

I am planning to reformat and recopy, assuming you think that is the best way to get this done.

What will I lose, assuming the new files are the exact same as the old files? Will the reformat cause me to lose my file grooming, etc? Or will my changes still be in force after the files are loaded on a FAT based HD?

Might do it anyway. A one-time hassle to effect a long term simple solution.

Hi @Mike_Rife,

Reformatting is okay. I would definitely make sure to have Roon backups stored in a safe you can access if needed.

When doing this process I would recommend disabling your watched folders in Roon and powering down the Nucleus. You can then reformat the drive and re-add your music to the drive (it will be lost when formatting). Once complete you can power up the Nucleus, attach the drive again, and re-enable your watched folder.

Thanks — that’s my plan. My backups are on Dropbox. I will do the job on Wednesday.

I appreciate your help, sir!

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