I cannot browse in Tidal anymore

I can play songs on my song lists. But when I go to tidal I cannot browse any albums or pull up any of their playlists. It says failed to load albums on the pages that show albums. If I try to browse their playlists it says error loading playlist, has a pink box below showing error loading page to check network connection. I cannot browse any songs in tidal since this morning. Any idea what is going on here? This is happening on both the remote and the server. Here are screen shots.

Never mind, I restarted the Roon on the server and it resolved the issue. Not sure what happened.

Ok, let me know if it happens again @Tim_Clardy and we’ll take a look. Sorry for the trouble!

FYI, I saw this same issue over the past 2-3 days. Like Tim, I restarted my server, and browsing came back - not sure if this was a Tidal issue or server problem (I hadn’t restarted my server in a couple weeks).

This happened again. I could not browse Tidal on remote, checked server it would not browse tidal either. Re-started server and it resolved the issue. This is starting to happen every few days.

Hey @Tim_Clardy – can you tell us a little more about your setup? I’d be particularly interested to know about your network.

@vova and I are also going to follow up with some information for getting us logs the next time this happens ok? If you can send us some more info when you’re in this state, I think we’ll know a lot more about what’s happening here.