I cannot detect files! [Solved]

I have various home made compilations and relative playlists, each one in its own folder containing about twenty MP3 songs.
When Roon scans the folder, it detects sometimes half of the songs.
I tried to narrow down the problem to discover why certain songs are not detected. I tried to remove special characters from name, to clean up all metadata, I checked them with MP3Tag… No matter what I did, Roon cannot see them!

These files are often rather obscure old songs (from the '40s), but other players have no problems to see and play them.
Why certain songs cannot be scanned?
Can I force Roon to scan certain specific folders (not albums)?
Is it possible that because those songs are not in Roon’s main database they cannot be detected?
Any suggestion?


PS: I can send undetected mp3 files for reviewing, if required.

I have a thread open with the same issue. I have about 500 unimported mp3 files.

I looked for your thread, but I could not find it.
Could you please post a link?

Perhaps such files have been converted from other formats in a non-standard way and, although other players can play them back, Roon does not recognizes them. …I am shooting in the dark here :slight_smile:

Anybody else has suggestions?!

Conversion issues are certainly a possibility, Gianluca. How long ago were the files ripped ?

Some people have found that converting to another format and then back to the original with an up to date ripper (dBPowerAmp for example) has resolved any little format irregularities. You might try that with a batch that Roon is not now seeing and check if it works.

I’m sure @mike and @vova will be interested in any supported file types that aren’t being imported. They may drop in shortly and ask you to upload some.

Part of my issue is that I can’t identify the erroneous files. The other thread is

I moved my reply to the linked subject, as the file was part of that topic…

Let me report my findings.
I believe that I discovered a few Roon peculiarities that might of interest.

I have been scanning compilation folders with some old MP3 files in them. They all have Spanish based names because it is about tango music (I am saying this because it influences the procedures). I also made playlists from them with JRMC because that is what I most interested in - to have access to the tracks in that format.

In order to perhaps clean-up some tags irregularities I applied the suggestions given before, that is to convert to a different format and then back to MP3: I did MP3 -> AIFF -> MP3 with XRecode II. However, I noticed that still many files were not detected.
Through an in depth analysis I discovered that those files, regardless of bit rate, had a 22050 Hz sample rate. Once converted to 44100 Hz, Roon was able to detect those files.

As I said before, I made playlists with JRMC in M3U (Simple) format with “store paths relative to exported playlist location”. However, Roon was often only displaying a partial number of tracks. I opened the playlist with a text editor and it was correct. I discovered that Roon did not like special characters inside M3U playlists - like “é, ñ, ó, á…”. So I had to correct all the filenames of the tracks involved - you can just imagine how long it took me with Spanish titles!!! - and change playlist accordingly. In this way Roon was able to display all the tracks inside each playlist.
The tag “Name” can contain special characters and Roon understand them correctly.

I hope the above suggestions can be of help to other users. Developers should check it out too! :slight_smile:

Thanks Gianluca, observations well worth remembering for others. I’ll mark this “Solved” although “Worked Around” is probably a better description.
Happy Tangoing !

Thanks. Please @andybob let Roon developers about these issues: samplerate limitations for MP3 and playlist detection with special characters.

Hey @bibo01 – do you have a few files handy that reproduce this?

Can you upload a few to Dropbox (or similar) and PM me a link? We can definitely take a look.

Thanks for the report!