I cannot fav songs (grayed out)

I have Roon Essentials (Elac Discovery) and I cannot fav songs. Though some few songs I can fav, not grayed out.

Why is that?

Please don’t tell me to go to Elac support because they are the most useless company on earth! They just don’t give a damn about anything!

Here are two examples.

Hi @Ce_Gu,

You can only favorite songs in your library. If you’re playing a song from TIDAL that is not in your library you can not favorite it.

Hope this helps!

I am sorry. I am new to Roon.

When you mean library do you mean local music? Because why would I fav music I have already in my library? Having it in my library means I already like the song.

How and why do you add to your library from Tidal anyway?


You have to add streamed albums to your library and they appear exactly as if you have them on your hard drive. Then you can Fav them

I do understand better now, thanks. Though, to me it doesn’t make sense. I would rather be able to fav the songs directly and then Roon suggest me new songs/albums/artists depending on that. Am I missing something?

That’s just how it works. If you have a fav track, why wouldn’t you want the album in your library?
There may we’ll be technical reasons also. If the album is in your data base the Fav is easy, if the album is only in the Tidal data base, the fav thing could get tricky.

Well, there are many albums that I only like few songs in them. I wouldn’t want to listen the whole album. I kinda like how Tidal native app works with fav. I am new still and hopefully will get used to it more. I did some trials before but never got to spend good amount of time. I did like it and the buzz of Roon made me at least try tue essentials instead spending $700. We’ll see. Thanks!

A Tidal album takes up no space in your system and you can also ban all the other tracks if you wish.
A good plan, if you don’t know, is to select tracks, then click the heart and Roon will play randomly through just your fav tracks.

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