I cannot find my local audio sources with latest Roon update

Roon Core Machine

I am using a ROCK installation on an Intel NUC NUC8i7BEH, latest build.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Ethernet wired connection (Gigabit), ASUS routers, only remotes are on Wi-Fi

Connected Audio Devices

I am using a diverse setup, my main Hi-Fi is fed via a Sonore Optical Rendu via USB to my Chord Dave DAC. For other casual listening I use a mix of iPad and Windows PCs as roon remote

Number of Tracks in Library

115000 tracks, around 8700 albums.

Description of Issue

When I try to enable the devices on my Windows PC which I usually use only as a Roon Remote, I noticed that I cannot find any local PS audio devices in the Audio settings of Roon. The PC sound settings work fine (Screen shot below) but for some reason when I click the Roon remote Audio settings, I can only see devices connected to the core or Roon Ready devices on my network.

Windows 11 PC sound settings are showing the devices:

Itight be your firewall settings on the win machine. Test by turn it off and see if the audio devices appear. If so, then you need to set an exemption in the firewallmfirnroon, RoonServer, and Raatserver.

That fixed it! Thanks… had no idea Firewall can stand between Roon remote and local devices on the same PC. Funny, I never changed any of these settings so not sure how this suddenly changed.

Windows update can change things.

There are also 2 settings to exempt , at least in Windows 10 , I haven’t progressed to Windows 11 yet

Is it out of Beta :smiling_imp:

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