I cannot find the composer field in my collection

I have a few albums with the same composer but I don’t see him in the composer browser, why not?

The above sentence is a repeat of a support request(not by me) from April 2015. Your response did not, in my opinion, answer the question. Let me give you an example. I import an album into Roon with the composer field showing the individual on the recording. When I look at the composer listing icon in Roon for the composer, it does not appear and I do not know how to make it appear. Concrete example-album containing Shostakovitch as the composer is input into Roon. Shostakovitch does not show in the composer sidebar for this recording. HOWEVER, I do have another recording of Shostakovich that does show up-same spelling. The composer field does seem to be rather hit and miss and I need the key to unlock it. Thank you in advance.

Have you set Roon to leverage your metadata?

No. How do I do that?

Hmm, looking at it now I don’t see any references to composer under metadata preferences. It’s strange though that if the composer metadata is in the underlying file it does not show up in Roon because if there’s no album metadata within Roon’s sources it’ll generally use yours. Try selecting the track and then choosing edit and adding the composer entry if needs be. @mike, would Roon not pick up composer metadata from a user’s tags if absent in Roon’s own dataset?

If I am following your discussion. I do not see a field in which input composer data. If I did, I could correct this myself. I am sure I am not the only one who has run into this issue. What do others do?

As I said Roon generally provides its own metadata and leverages yours where it has none. I’m not sure though what it does at present where it has metadata but is missing say the composer metadata and your metadata has the composer metadata. I’ve seen it intelligently merge its own and a user’s Genre metadata but I’m not sure how it handles composers. Is the album identified by Roon?

I would say be patient. The next big update for Roon was described as a big meta-data update. Which I would assume would open up a lot more of Roon’s meta-data to personal grooming. I do not know the time frame as I don’t think the devs have specified.

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