I cannot import all the artists I have on Tidal

I have 173 artists on Tidal, and I can see all of them in the Tidal tab. But when I go check the library tab, there are only 103 artists. Why is that? How can I fix it? Cuz I really want to shuffle play all the artists I have.

I suspect this is because Roon only displays the primary artists of the albums you have added to the Roon library.

Can you look at a few specific examples of ‘missing’ artists and check to see if they have an album added in the Roon library.

You are right. I just figured that the library is only displaying the artists whose contents have already been added to my library. To get all the artist from Tidal to my Roon library, I have to add some parts of their work to my library first. This is not very intuitive to use because I’m assuming the artists I have in my library is supposed to be the artists I liked on Tidal, regardless of if their works are added to my library or not.

I’d disagree there. If you like an artist, you would have a track at least in your Roon library surely? You’d want to play it, favourite it, add to a playlist etc. Seems like the correct assumption to me.
Just my view.