I cannot load the program on Windows 10 14'' labtop

Dear sir

I cannot load the program on my 14’’ Windows 10 computer.

After downloading the program I went through Tidal but program doesn’t recognize my user name and password for Tidal, even I select the item go without Tidal the next page comes with music genres to choose I couldn’t go further than this page because at the page of music genres there is no option for next page at the bottom or some where else.

Please help. I think your downloading page comes big enough for 14 screen to see the options at the bottom end of the page.

Hi @Mehmet_Kemal_Caglaya — Thank you for the report and my apologies for the troubles.

Can you please provide me with a screenshot of the screen you are currently stuck on? Furthermore, you mentioned that when you tried to access your TIDAL account via Roon, your username and password did not work. Are you able to login in to the TIDAL application using the same information without issue?

Lastly, please provide some more details about the device that you are trying to run Roon on (14" Win 10 computer).