I cannot log into Roon with my Desktop or iPhone

Roon Core Machine

QNAP 453Be NAS that has the Core on it.
Windows computer and an iPhone 12.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Orbi Mesh system and I am currently not using a VPN trying to figure out the problem with this issue. Does not matter whether I have VPN or not. I keep getting “Network Timeout”.
My VPN is ExpressVPN and I will state that I have not had this problem before this week.

Connected Audio Devices

Bluesound Node 2i.

Number of Tracks in Library

Around 16000.

Description of Issue

I can’t seem to login to Roon on Desktop or iPhone or iPad.
I have had this setup for at least 2 years with no problems before now.

I cannot even get Roon to connect so I can try and change a password if that was a problem.
Cannot get into Roonlabs.com even to change Password. It acts like it’s not getting to the site to login. I keep getting Network Timeout.

It keeps telling me to check my Internet but I can go to the Roon Website for my account. I do not have any problem going to any other site. I even tried to change password but again it tell me it states “Network Timeout”.

You guys need to have a phone number so I can TALK to a human being about this. Otherwise if you can’t help me I will cancel Roon and just use Tidal and Spotify directly to my system. Which I can do right not without a bit of trouble.

“but I can go to the Roon Website for my account.”

“Cannot get into Roonlabs.com

In the first section you say you CAN go to roonlabs but later you say you can’t. Can you explain what you are trying to do and where?

Sorry about that. I can go to Roonlabs.com in a separate Web browser and sign into my account. In the Roon program it not taking me to wherever I am suppose to go to sign in to use Roon. Even trying to change my password inside of the Roon App I get “Cannot Connect”.

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Can you edit to take out your email address, not good to share.

Hey @Mark_Bridges,

Thanks for your patience as we continue to work through each thread. After reviewing your account, I see that you’re core and remote devices have all been online recently. Are you still running into issues logging into your account?

I’ll be on standby for your reply :+1:

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