I cannot log on Roon

Hi there,

I installed the Roon on a different PC and try to use it as a different core.

But once the Roon is launched, it won’t pop up any log-in page but stay loading forever like the picture I attached.

Could you please helpe me to check? Windows 10 64 bit.


How big is your library and how long did you wait ? Also, what are the specs of your machine ?

Didn’t even have a library yet, since it’s a new PC and I was about to use the Roon temporarily on this PC.

I waited for more than 30 minutes.

It’s a samsung ultrabook

i7-4500U with 8GB RAM

Thanks in advance.

With new library it should take seconds at max. I suggest you to uninstall the app ( including its database) and try once more.

I did. I uninstall or re-install multiple times. :frowning:

We’d like to look at your logs, contacted you via PM.