I cannot update my ipad to Roon 2.0 from 1.8

My core upgraded to Roon 2.0 build 1128 production. But my iPad is on 1.8 build 1105 and cannot upgrade. According to the Apple store, Roon Arc is not available for iPad and Roon Remote refuses to upgrade too

If you go to the App Store and find Roon Remote, does it show Version 2.0.01127 under What’s New? If not, it may be that it’s not available in your region just now.

There is no Roon ARC app for iPad.

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ARC is meant to be mobile and at this stage that means a phone either iphone or Android

Now there should be a Roon 2.0 remote app available for the iPad but not ARC

That’s a real bummer,I have a cellular ipad pro,why no ipad app roon

It hasn’t been developed yet. The phone app works OK on iPad, just not full screen.

Not looking great but It works perfectly with the phone app on an iPad.

I had similar problem but if you go to the app store and down load from there it works fine

I have Roon Remote working at one iPad now. However I had there issues:
1 It does not upgrade. I had to remove and reinstall
2 On startup it upgraded the core to 2.0 and did not upgrade the iPad.Under the message is a link to a dud support page on how to solve version issues.
3 Roon Arc is unavailable for iPad. So what is the point in this whole upgrade process from working to not working?

Apple App Store.

Store for iPad does not offer iPhone app.

Yes, it does. Roon Remote. IPhone and iPad. Again, there is no Roon ARC for iPad. That’s probably coming later.

That said, you can use the Roon ARC for iPhone on your iPad, but it will not fill the screen.

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