I can't find my library after a migration. Plus I can't use one of my ropieee since adding a new one

Roon Core Machine

NUC 11i5 - using Ubuntu 20.04 16gb ram and 500gb

Networking Gear & Setup Details

telstra smart modem, TP Link SG105, ethernet

Connected Audio Devices

RPi4 digione sig, coax to Topping D90
Rpi4 digione coax to Yamaha surround receiver
iPhone iOS 15 as Roon Remote
iMac (ex-core) 2009 OSX 10.11.6

Number of Tracks in Library

10,000 tracks

Description of Issue

Realised NUC couldn’t use legacy. Installed newest Ubuntu. Not so “Easy Installed” Roon Server. Migrated brand new back up from Mac to Nuc using USB HDD. I think I have missed something here, because the auto back up failed last night. I hoped that the easy install, would have set this up already, but I have not figured out where or how to set up a back up process on the NUC. I do not understand how to tbh.

Once I got the new core running, I realised that my original library (about 800 albums) has not migrated. Only the streamed Tidal/Qobuz stuff.

Plus once I added the second RPi listed above, I lost the first one. Both show in Settings/Audio, but I can’t see the original RPi in Zones, so can’t switch to it or even use it atm.

That should only affect a ROCK install.

Settings==>Backups==>Scheduled Backups==>View==>Add

Screen print Settings==>Storage, please.

It sounds like you might have the cloned the first Rpi’s OS in order to set up the 2nd Rpi? That won’t work.

You can’t use Time Machine to backup Roon’s library. OTOH, what backup do you mean, Roon’s library (i.e. database) or your music files?

Thanks for the help.

Here’s where I backed up the database.

How do I fix the RPi cloned issue. This morning when I looked into device settings and reset to default, the other RPi started playing in the other zone? Plus I think the zone name changed too.

And for the backup - I followed the process of making a fresh back up (Roon database) copying onto an external hard drive, loaded that onto the NUC. I only read today that my music files and the database are separate. So where are my music files stored, and how do I get them back? All my Tidal and Qobuz stuff is available, but none of my original iTunes stuff.

Good morning XXX,

Any further thoughts on where my library is. And how to un-clone my RPi’s??


Hi @steven_goodier

Looking at what you have done under the storage location tab is quite confusing. The storage location tab is used to point Roon to your own locally stored music files. Where are your music files stored, what were you using before the NUC.

Your Backup folder should not be listed under the storage tab, there is a separate tab solely for managing backups.

As a side note, your music files, Roon database and database backup should never be stored on the same drive. Your music files should be on a separate drive that you then point Roon to under the storage tab and your database backup should be ideally stored on another drive.

As you now realise Roon does not backup your music files only it’s database.

Before starting with Roon, I had everything in iTunes. I initially used my Mac for a few weeks whilst waiting for the NUC.

I stored my backups on the desktop of the Mac. I put a backup onto an external drive to migrate. Because the first scheduled backup on the NUC failed, I thought it was because there was two cores still at work. So I disabled the Mac as a backup destination.

I actually don’t know where the original music files are (that I was using in my first few weeks on Roon). Like I said, it was only after the migration, that I read that Roon DB and my library are separate.

First, how do I locate then restore my music files/library. Is it as simple at organising a location on the NUC and showing that file location in Storage tab?

Second, the NUC was bought to store my music on, and to be used only for Roon. Could you advise how to set it up so that my library is on an appropriate drive, the Roon db and the backups are correctly stored too. Just the commands for use on linux terminal would be awesome.

Third, I am struggling how to figure out how to “un-clone” my Pi’s. Is this in ropieee.local or in Roon? They both seem fine in Settings/Audio tab, but only one ever shows on Zones on my Roon remote.

Apologies if this stuff is obvious, but I’ve spent days trying unsuccessfully to set this up.

Hi again @steven_goodier

Firstly I am just another Roon user like @xxx but I will try to help you as much as I can until a more knowledgeable user or @support step in.

I would hazard a guess that they are stored in your iTunes library folder, If you start Roon on your Mac and select the original Core (the one on the Mac that you were using before the NUC) then look at the storage tab it should show you the file path to the folder where your files are stored.

When you purchased the NUC what storage drives were installed? Just the one? Or did it come with a second drive?

My NUC has an M.2 NVMe drive running the Roon software and database and a second SSD where all my music is stored.

Once you locate your music library you can copy the folder/files over the network to the correct drive on your NUC, then you go to the storage tab in Roon settings and select + Folder, navigate through the pop up window to the correct location and select it.

I cant help you with Linux terminal commands as I don’t use it and am not familiar with CLI.

I also cannot help with your RPi’s as I have never run into this issue myself. Would changing the Hostname under the Ropieee GUI, saving and rebooting make any difference? Are they both running Ropieee.

Can you share a screenshot of the Settings/Audio tab showing both RPi’s?

Thanks for your help Mark.

I bought 16gb of ram and a 500gb ssd for the NUC. I suppose my problem is not knowing anything about Linux, it really is a bit like a foreign language.

I think I will be able to figure out the library issue, your explanation has pointed me in the right direction.

Do I edit the location or zone name in ropieee gui? I change it to kitchen in Audio tab and it keeps reverting back to lounge.:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I’m not sure why it keeps reverting to longe when you change it under the audio tab, you should be able to name it “kitchen” and it should stick.

I’m not actually sure what you should do in the Ropieee GUI maybe when @xxx wakes up he can shed some light.

Otherwise hopefully @support will be along soon.

Sorry I can’t be of more help. I’m just putting my children to bed.

Hi @steven_goodier ,

Have you set up a Mac network share yet?

I suspect that the iTunes library is located on your Macbook, to access it on the NUC, you will either need to set up the Mac as a shared network location (this requires the Mac to always be on when trying to access the content) or to copy the music to the NUC SSD.

Can you try to change the names in the Ropieee GUI and then in Roon? Does it stay changed if you do it that way? Thanks!

Hi Noris,

I managed to set up a mount point on the NUC, and copy the iTunes library off my Mac onto an external hard drive, and onto the NUC.

I have set that location in Settings/Storage in Roon. All my iTunes library is showing in Roon now.

But I am still having problems with Zones for my two RPi with ropieee. I have ropieeelounge in lounge zone and ropieeekitchen in the kitchen zone. I went into ropieee gui and named it that way. With the same names for Roon.

The Zone names keep changing in Roon. If I edit one, the other will change. Also they never both show in zone at the same time. I went back into the gui and made sure everything matched, and matched in Roon too, but the next day, the zones had both changed to lounge again.

Hi Noris,

I’m just following up about the RPi’s. They both appear correct in the ropieee gui.

Even though in Roon they are problematic. With regular dropout, the ropieeekitchen frequently stops, and play starts from ropieee lounge.

Is there a simple solution to stopping this? Or do I need to reflash onto the cards and reboot both RPi’s?

Hi Noris,

I started from scratch again with the sd card, reflashed ropieee and rebooted the Rpi.

All seems good. Both Ropieee are showing in Roon as separate zones that I can select.

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Hi @steven_goodier ,

Thank you for the follow-up here, glad to hear that flashing the SD cards helped resolve this behavior!

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