I can't get Roon to see my DAC / McIntosh pre Amp

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
Macbook Pro is where the main Roon and my hard drive is installed.
I use my iPhone as a remote.

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)
I use WiFi in my house.

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)
DAC / McIntosh pre Amp
Apple TVs
Yamaha TV

Description Of Issue
I can’t get Roon to play through my DAC / Preamp at all every other device it sees except that one. It used to find it but now not at all.

Please help.


Hi @Molly_Taylor,

Welcome to the forum. Can I please ask you to post a screenshot of your Settings -> Audio tab? It should look something like this:

Also can you please confirm:

  1. What is the exact model of the McIntosh PreAmp?
  2. Is the PreAmp powered on and has the appropriate input before enabling it in Settings -> Audio?
  3. Have you tried rebooting the Core and PreAmp? If you have not done so yet I would give this a try.

Hi Noris,
Thank you for getting back to me.
This was my dads whole set up and he recently just passed away so I’m trying to figure it out to enjoy his music and his system because I know he would of wanted that.

The actual model of the pre amp is called -
Mcintosh C2500 tube preamplifier

And the DAC model is called -

Yes the pre amp is on under the setting “cd2” but there are different options which one should I turn it to ?

No I haven’t restarted his computer where the core of because that’s where his hard drive has all the music and I don’t want to mess up anything or erase anything because the hard drive that’s connected to it has thousand and thousands of albums.

The pre amp I would be have to told how to re boot that appropriately also without messing anything up.

Hope this was the information that you needed.


If Macbook is the core (where the music files are), plug usb from mac into McIntosh
Setup the OUTPUTs to only enable McIntosh DAC - should show up if plugged in correctly (see my image)

Hi @Molly_Taylor,

My condolences for your loss, I can understand the want to continue listening and enjoy the music library.

I assume that the McIntosh is being connected to the Core via a USB cable here, correct? If so, you would want to set it to the “USB” input and then verify if it shows up in Roon Settings -> Audio and make sure that it has been enabled. You will also want to make sure that the DAC2 has been powered on and has the appropriate input selected.

I would suggest making a secondary backup of this library if you wish to have a secondary precaution. External USB drives are fairly cheap nowadays and if the collection is invaluable, it would be better to spend $100-200 on a second backup location to ensure this music is preserved.

Copying files on Mac is fairly simple (Command-C to copy and then Command-V to paste). I would also highly suggest keeping regular Roon Backups of the database in case there have been edits made to the library. If you are not too familiar with this process, maybe a technically oriented relative can assist.

Rebooting the pre-amp shouldn’t mess anything up, there should be a red switch on the front panel, under “Standby/On” which you can flip to power the McIntosh on and off.

Please let me know if my above suggestions help, thanks!

When I go into the core under settings and audio there is nothing showing up that says connect to the dac or the McIntosh pre amp which is the problem I’m having it’s not finding it and it’s connected through WiFi not a usb cable. The core is in a bedroom in the back of the house and the preamp and dac are in the living room.

Yeah, I second the notion that the first thing to do is backup the music files. Then work on why the system isn’t playing. Good Luck!

Okay and how do I do that ?

Hi @Molly_Taylor,

To backup the music files, you have a few options. Before doing this though, I would suggest creating a backup of your Roon Database and saving this on the external hard drive, more information on how to perform backups can be found in our Backup Documentation: http://kb.roonlabs.com/Backup

Option 1: You would have to find where they’re saved and copy them to an external hard drive.

Option 2: You can use Roon to perform the export. If you navigate to the main menu (top left corner of the screen) -> Tracks -> Press Control + A to select all the tracks -> Press the 3-dot drop-down menu -> Select Export -> Select the external Hard Drive location. Here is a .Gif of what I mean:

As for the main issue at hand with the McIntosh not showing up, you mentioned this:

How have they been communicating with Roon? The McIntosh and the DAC2 DX only have USB inputs, so something needs to be connected to the USB input or the audio signal is being routed through another device prior to reaching the McIntosh/DAC2.

Can you please check to see if there is anything else connected to the DAC2/McIntosh such as the Apple TV output, and if so on which input it is plugged into?

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