I can't get roon working on my 2 windows laptops [Solved]

I’ve installed roon installer on both laptops and roon server on one of the 2 laptops. I’ve made an account.
When i start roon on both laptops with Windows 10 I see that 1 laptop is connected.
When i start roon installer on one of the two laptops i see the name of the other laptop constantly trying to connect and connection failed.
The laptop from where I try to connect to the other laptop shown DESKTOP-INU2CD Ready.
When I click on this i get the next window says ‘start your membership’ and in a blue button ‘become a member’. I’ ve an account and are already a member.So I landed on the website of roon and fill in my account for so many times.
I get a little sick of this and i get the feeling i turned round and round.
I’ve search the forum and i could not find the solution.

Hey @Chris_Nijhuis – sorry for the frustration here.

Ok, so I’m understanding your correctly. One laptop is going to be running Roon and Roon Server, while the other laptop is running only Roon. Is that right?

Can you let me know what order you’ve installed everything? Is Roon Server running? Have you tried turning off any firewalls or security software?

My first step in getting roon worked was to connect to my Synology NAS server without trying to get installed a spk file from roon. So i typed ’ 192.168.1.XX in the field to ‘I want my PC as a remote control’
and ‘why can’t i see my remote libaries’. Nothing happened.
Say laptop 1 and laptop 2 had both Windows 10.
On laptop 1 i installed roon-installer en roon-server and on laptop 2 i had installed roon-installer.
On both laptops i turned of the firewall but not as you advised the virus scanner.
On laptop 1 i see laptop 2 and the DESKTOP-INU2CD. The connection to laptop 2 is flickering in making connection. So connection failed.
To make sense of using Roon is making connection with my Synology 212+ where i have a lot of music.
I have 14 days to try fixing it. I cannot find a good working roon.spk package to install on my Synology

This picture beside i form 1 laptop with roon installer and roon server
The other laptop is not active because i want to check what happened without the other laptop active.

The next picture i get when i put on the button ‘Connect’
Why ‘Become a Member’ when i already are a member.
After that i get the website of roon with the possibility to sign in.

Please can you give me an answer what happens?

Hi @Chris_Nijhuisgive this a read and keep in mind that one device on your network will need to function as the Core.

Once you have a Roon subscription or trial, you’ll want to choose one device to run as your Core, install Roon on it, and then log in. Then you can add your NAS drive and audio outputs, and set up any additional devices as remotes.

Also note, if you’re running RoonServer and Roon on the same computer, you’ll need to choose it in the Choose you library screen.

Hello Mike,

I did what you ask.
When i started roon and choose ‘Use this PC’ then i get the next screen says ‘start your membership’ then i start ‘become a member’ (although i already have) then the next screen is de website where i sign in.
Then i go back to the previous screen that says ‘activate your membership and click below to proceed’.
When i do this i went back to the sceeen ‘become a member’.
Could it be that my account is not activated?

Hi @Chris_Nijhuis – I don’t see an active account or license tied to your email address. You’ll need to sign up (or start a free trial) on the site to get going.

Let me and @kevin know if you’re having any trouble.


I solved my problem.
I didn’t know that i had to acctivate by my creditcard.
Everything works fine and it’s amazing what i brings to me with my hughed collection of music.

thanks for your support