I can't locally search anymore [Solved]

I suddenly cannot search my local library. When I click the magnifier in the top right corner of Roon nothing happens, I just get the Roon icon moving around in the middle of my screen forever. If I enable Tidal, then Tidal is searched. Before today, when I searched, search results would return for my local library and for Tidal and I could click on the Local Library or Tidal from the search results to select one or the other, but somehow now search is not looking at my library or no longer can find it.

I do have access to all of my music in Roon (1000 albums local) and see everything there and can select and play fine. This is very odd (and frustrating too). I am hopeful that someone has an idea. I’ve spent a good deal of time looking for a setting in Roon and searched on the Roon website, but I am coming up empty.

I am running Roon on a Synology D916+ as server with music located on a volume on the same NAS (/volume1/Multimedia Files) and have control from an iMac and an iPad. Both the iPad and iMac behave the same (i.e. no search).

Finally, I did a force rescan of my library today, but I am not sure why that would impact search. I am suspicious, however, that the rescan is the culprit, but I am still not sure what to do to fix this problem.

Any help much appreciated.

Try stopping and then restarting the Roon Core on you NAS.

That worked. Thanks soooooo much.

I guess I should have thought of this, but I am new to the NAS. You really just told me to close and reopen the application, which I probably would have thought of if I were running Roon on a more traditional computer.

In any case, thanks again. This is a valuable lesson for me on some basics.

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Hi Mark,
Good to hear that fixed it … hopefully it is a one off but if it keeps reoccurring we can get Roon support to look at your log files.