I can't locate any OS devices on my network or output devices

I have been running Roon for over 2 weeks without problem until today. I purchased Roon on 14 Dec.
Today when I was starting up my control device (iPad – latest version), I got a message that there was an update to Roon. I indicated I wanted to run the update. At the same time, I lost my internet connectivity causing me to contact Spectrum/Charter to resurrect internet connectivity. When I got back to iPad, I could connect to the Core but then I couldn’t locate any OS devices on my network or output device. I also couldn’t sign-on to Roon because it said I didn’t have internet connectivity. I could access the internet from other apps on my iPad. I have tried to pulling the power on the routers and Core device and restarting them one at a time - main router, remote router, and Core device. Didn’t make any difference.

Information on Core
Lampizator DSD Komputer
Intel I7 with 4 cores; 16GB RAM. 512GB SDD
Linux 4.13.9-1ARCH/::ffff:
Version 1.4 (build 294) stable

Music is stored on WD DUO 12TB, WD MyBook 4TB; and Seagate 8TB external drives – USB connected – Collection over 60,000 tracks but I am unsure as I have not seen stats from Roon.

I am using Apple Airport Extreme routers. While I was working on the problem I was prompted to update both routers (Version 7.6.9).
The Core is wired; the output DAC is a Lampizator Atlantic connected via USB to Core.

I fixed my problem. Newbie issue. Terminology on initial setup confused me. I had been running Roon for over two weeks and after a hiccup with my Wifi network, I was presented a new remote connection dialog. I finally answered the request properly.

Glad to hear you are sorted James. I hope you are enjoying the holidays!