I Can't Post My 'What's Playing Now' Music

I am finding with increasing regularity I can’t post much of my what’s playing now?

There are some threads that are used, but not as busy as the what’s playing 2020 thread.

For example we have jazz, soundtracks, hip hop/funk/R&B & Electronic/techno/etc sections. There have been others I think also. :thinking:

They are all excellent, especially as a resource to scour over with all similar genres in a single place. However, as they aren’t frequented as often as the ‘2020’ thread some languish, no doubt never to be seen again buried somewhere within this large forum.

I don’t want to edit a post let’s say three days old to add what I’m listening to now. I think members when they reach a certain ‘trust’ level should be able to make…hmmmm…5 consecutive posts.

I find this restriction, not just frustrating, but diminishes the quality of the forum in this particular area.

It’s those less popular genres that most often are the greatest resource. After all, we all know Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd and the Eagles etc etc. I am not trying to sound condescending and am in fact a big Dylan fan (my son’s middle name is Dylan after Bob), but it seems to stifle diversity.

Can something be done about this please?

Further, perhaps we could split classical into its own section? The ‘2020 what’s playing’ is just becoming a mess with too much to scroll through if I wanted to look at classical only. Thank you!

Cheers. :smiley:

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What restriction are you referring to ?

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The board restricts users to 3 consecutive posts Andy. I find it overly restrictive in those threads that have less use. I would like to post more, but I can’t & so, I’ve decided not much point logging in daily (time permitting) as I can’t post where I’d like.


And so (for example) 4-5 days later I still can’t make a new post in the Funk/R&B thread.

I think three consecutive post is more than enough. You can include more than one album image in a given post if you want.

No - the people who view those threads will not be updated there’s a new post. As I stated above, thus far I’ve waited 4 or 5 days to post again. Do you think I’m over posting with 4-5 day gaps?

I don’t know, but if nobody else has posted, maybe nobody is interested. We probably all think what we have to say is more interesting than it really is.

I don’t believe that’s the case - some people don’t come on here daily & some people don’t post albums when they do come to the forum. They look for what’s been posted to see if there’s anything new.

As you don’t frequent the Funk/R&B thread for example - what’s your exact objection to me being able to post more frequently?

I only post what I’m listening to at a given time & as you may notice my tastes are varied, so try to post in the appropriate threads, rather than log jamming the 2020 thread.


I have no objection, just think 3 is plenty. I’m not sure anyone whats to see the last 5 albums I have listened to in a row. Just click edit and add another. People will see it if they are interested in that genre.

If Roon wants to change it to 5, I have no objection.

On the basis you were posting solely in 2020 now playing thread, the likelihood you would listen to approx 2.5-3 hrs of music and then need to post another (4th album), without somebody else posting are slim.

I am talking about I can’t make a new post for days. Why can’t I do that?

It’s happened…late at night in USA when Europe is still asleep.

And so…would it hurt the board if you were able to post again? I suspect not.

Notwithstanding, it wouldn’t be all that often regardless or as a mature adult you may choose not to post if you figured you were being overly zealous with your post.

IDK (10 characters).

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