I can't see any music/albums

Hi, I’ve just downloaded roon and it is not finding my music files. I’m using a PC running windows 7 and keep all music files on a separate internal HD (4TB of which 2TB are FLAC). I have set the drive letter as my music folder but nothing is happening. The folder structure in the drive is by artist then subfolders for each album. Help please

Click the hamburger menu in the upper left, then “Settings”, then pick the “Storage” tab.

You should see en entry for your music folder there. If it’s disabled, enable it. If that doesn’t work, click “Add Folder” and pick the location where your music is stored manually.

The folder is there as my drive letter (T: Tunes) it is enabled I can’t add it again because it’s already there. Still nothing happening.

Hi @gz00 – I’d like to a take a deeper look at what’s going on here. I’m going to send you a PM so we can gather some more info, so stand by.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Any updates with this? I am having the same problem.

Yes I figured it out. Roon doesn’t see the drive letter as a folder so you need to make a master folder in your drive and move all your music files/folders into it, then try again searching for that folder. It’s a pain in the but I know but it works. I’ve had plenty of other problems with roon not so easy to fix - this is definitely still in beta!