I can't seem to add a https live radio

I’m trying to listen to Kink, a Dutch alternative channel, I can find it in Roon with MP3 192kbps, AAC 128kbps and AAC 64kps, but no matter which one I select I always get an AAC 64kbps stream.

When trying to add the station manually only the http version works (not in the quality I want), adding a https stream always results in ‘Roon could not find a radio station at this URL’. Even though Roon does DNS requests for every ‘File’ in the pls file, so it definitely is trying something.

I’ve also tried adding one of the ‘File’ urls in the pls directly but that also didn’t work.

I’m trying to add this stream: https://playerservices.streamtheworld.com/pls/KINKAAC.pls

All streams play perfectly fine in VLC or Foobar2000. Does roon just not support https or am I doing something wrong?

I’ve updated the streams, they should work now.

A propos https streams - there is a bug in Roon which means you cannot have a port number with those. Roon is aware.

Hello again @Johnnelus. I’ve updated the streams again. Found that the .pls files could be referenced via http - this is better as the incorporated streams can then be changed by Kink without affecting us.

While I was at it I updated the other two Kink stations and added Kink Indie

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