I can't use my Signalyst HQPlayer! Since I started use the Core, Bridge and control on different device!

I have Signalyst HQPlayer installed on my computer that’s all so my Roon Core,
I have a Allo USBridge as a Roon bridge and my iPad is the Roon remote control!
Since I changed to this so can’t I use my HQ!
When I starting it so does a window open and it says it can’t find or connect with anything,
nothing came up there my two DAC’s was before and it’s coming up ASIO, WASAPI and network some thing and network IV6.
On my iPad Roon remote control is the HQ as before but I can’t do anything!
I don’t know if I have to download another version of the HQ so it will connect to my network as my DAC’s (I didn’t have to download anything on them)
Here’s a photo of the new!

I noticed that it stands localhost under Signalyst HQPlayer
Does anyone have some suggestions to help me?
So I can use my Signalyst HQPlayer, because that would be great :+1:
It should work because a lot of Roon users are having the Core on a “mini computer” a Roon bridge and control it with a iPad/iPhone as a Roon remote control!

I’m thankful for all help I can get

The “localhost” is correct if you have HQP Desktop running on the same computer with Roon Core (or Roon Server).

You need to have the HQP network audio daemon installed and active on your endpoint. In HQP Desktop, you need to have “Allow control from desktop” selected in the icon bar, and in Preferences, you need to have your “Backend” and “Device” properly configured for the endpoint/DAC in question.

In my experience, it’s best to get this all correct and make sure HQP can play music to your endpoint on its own, and then bring Roon Into the mix.

Thanks @orgel
I shall try what you wrote :+1: