I changed my roon core set up and sound quality improved but what made the difference?

I recently decided to change my roon core (roon server) that has been running on my windows 10 computer to a VMware install on the same machine. I already have VMware workstation pro running a Linux based program for home automation.

I have been running into some performance issues with roon that required having to reboot my computer after a week or so and thought if roon was on a vm I might not have that issue or just reboot the roon VMware only.

I thought I would use the opportunity to try Linux. So roon server is now on a Linux Ubuntu desktop 20.04 Lts. I also added more Ram memory to my computer as my windows machine was maxing out at 16gb ram and finally I installed an ssd and am running the VM Roon Server off the ssd. Previously it was on my ordinary hard drive.

The new VMware machine has 8gb of ram and 1 processor 2 cores cpu and the ssd is 2.5” SATA 120gb of a very basic spec (it was originally intended for another project hence the low spec)

All of these things I expected to improve the performance of roon (which it has so far) but the sound quality has improved too which I was not expecting. There is more detail and it feel like the music has more room to breathe if that makes sense (I always find these things difficult to describe). It also feels a bit more punchy in the bass

Everything else in my set up is the same so what is it that made the difference??

I know it’s probably too many changes in one go to really be able to say but I would be interested to know people’s opinions who are more knowledgeable than me. Also it might help others

I’m not sure that running a Roon Core on a VM would decrease the overall system resources in play as you also maybe need to factor in the other VM running along side and the HOST OS too. Perhaps roon Server on Linux has a less needy codeset than its windows equivalent?

Well whatever it is if you can determine that its better to your ears then that’s all you need to have to justify the changes.

Just enjoy the music…dont forget that is the ultimate goal :stuck_out_tongue: