I describe a fully successful update (There aren't many such reports)

For a few days I tested 1.8 clean installation on a separate test virtual machine and when I did not find any bugs and I saw that 1.8 is better for me I decided to update the “production” environment.

First - just in case, I updated the OS on Core (Mac OS), Control Clients (Mac OS, Win 10, Android) and Bridge (Pi).
After that I have “cleaned” (full maintenance), restarted and turned on all Roon devices: computers (core, controls, bridge) and turned on all Roon audio devices - with restart (just in case).
Next - I made the Roon Database maintenance (cleaning) + backup, if something wouldn’t work…
Then I updated Roon in the following order:

  1. remote app on Android,
  2. after that Roon Control on my Mac OS client - app was relaunched
  3. and finally Roon on Core was updated - on demand of my Control app (after relaunch).

No errors, no jams, no deficiencies or any dysfunctions.
All my system started to work normally as 1.8 from the first launch and works much, much faster than 1.7. All my Roon audio devices were found and plays flawlessly.

Why am I writing this?
Because I can see that properly made 1.8 update, in a suitable environment, just works!
And probably, the reasons for some dysfunctions are mostly on the side of the User’s systems not Roon himself…


My update to 1.8 on a machine running ROCK worked smoothly as well. My only problem was a funny “green, wavy screen” on my WIN10 laptop (used for controlling roon sometimes). Roon was fine controlled by iPad or iPhone. I updated my display drivers on the WIN10 machine and that solved that problem. So all in all, smooth transition.

edit: I should note that I don’t use a lot of bookmarks, roon tagging, etc. So any issues with those items wouldn’t have happened with me.

I think there are a lot more successful updates than you think. The poll that was run on 1.8 ran about 70% liked/neutral vs 30% disliked. I had no issues updating on my Nucleus+ with 12 zones in my house (with 6 different endpoints from different manufacturers). Ran into a couple of bugs I’m sure will get addressed, but nothing out of the ordinary for a major release. I’m guessing many just update and go on listening to the music without getting buried in these forums…


I run Roon on a NUC ROCK with many RPi/iOS device/Sonos/Oppo endpoints/remotes. Haven’t have a single issue.


My description. As suggested by Roon I updated the remote apps on my Android and iOS apps. Then I updated my existing core on a dedicated Windows 10 notebook. That’s it.
Result: Listening enjoyment with no major problems.


No problem for me, though I run core on W10 i7 laptop using Roonserver with iPad and iPhone remotes.

Seamless for me (2 ROCKs in different houses, locally attached music, almost all iOS remotes). Had a heart attack when “downloading core” progress bar froze on my iPhone. But relaunching app and restarting download got it done. Took 20 minutes in all, smooth sailing.

None of this implies that im not sympathetic to those who have had different, crappy experiences. While I believe and have seen data from Roon supporting that those bad issues are rare (so are car crashes), they suck, and if it was me with a non-functional system I’d be screaming bloody murder. (I distinguish between non-functional and disliking layout out color or even having some degradation)

But, simply & factually, mine was absolutely smooth too.

Works fine for me on 5 zones. Appreciate that people have issues, it’s not easy for any roll out to completely cover so many variables, but I think some of the negative comments have been way over the top. Almost like they were waiting to pounce!

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I updated mine on my sonic transporter I9 and iPad with absolutely no issues.

Agreed. Haters gonna hate.

My install with 4 zones and controllers on iPads, iPhones, and Laptops was smooth. Love the new interface.


My update on my NUC with ROCK and my iMAC was flawless. It was all automatic and took less than 5 minutes including doing a backup first. While I have some minor gripes with 1.8, none of them are technical. 1.8 is noticeably quicker so that is also a plus

My Windows 10 pc, restarted as normal in morning, saw Roon update message, updated

Carried on listening

What’s was all the fuss about :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Seamless update and no problems at all with 1.8 so far.
NUC8i7BEH running Rock, iPad pro 11 and Galaxy Note 10+ as remotes, 3 Roon ready and 4 Chromecast built-in endpoints, 3 grouped zones.
Everything runs smoothly and flawlessly without any hassles. After a bit of familiarization and experience, I’m fine with everything.

Thanks for starting this thread. After the first day, when there was a bit of a slow down in accessing the server based stuff, I have not had any issues. Core on Mac mini (Mojave) and remote on MacBook pro (also Mojave). Everything working very fast and I really like the new GUI etc. Can’t believe how much entitled whinging I’ve read in the last week. If you don’t like it, go back to Apple Music. For about 5 minutes.

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No issues at all. Total seamless update.

I run Roon of iPhone, iPad, (iOS 14.4) MacBook Pro (10.15.7) with the Core running on a older Mac mini (Mojave). I play music through a DCS Network Bridge into a Devialet 220 with Core Infinity upgrade. Speakers Wilson Benesch Discovery II and main source SME 20, not that it is particularly relevant to this topic…

Excuse me: Where can I upgrade to update 1.8? I can’t read English, can you give me an updated screenshot location

Mine updated OK, although I’ve had problems with 1.8 recognising my my Chord Qutest. If I start 1.8 then turning on the DAC, it sometimes fails to recognise the Qutest. Usually remedied by restarting Roon, but on the odd occasion I’ve required a reboot.

Mine updated no problem (which wasn’t always the case with 1.7). Had to restart the process a few times on my McBook Air, but that was probably from too much server traffic.

In actual use though, plenty of bugs. But none of them stability issues for me, thank god. And overall it seems quicker. Haven’t used my iPad Pro yet - mostly on the Air or my Mac Pro 2013 desktop for remote, or Pixel 3XL. ROCK on a NUC 7i5 in an Akasa case. All endpoints (Sonore, Sonos, Muso, etc) recognized and stable.

Sure, piece of case.
I had just relocated to a temporary house, brought the Nucleus and a USB DAC rig.
Immediately found the internet, Tidal and Qobuz, and a bunch of Sonos and Apple devices.
1.8 came, I updated an iPad, it triggered the update of the Core, everything happened automatically.

56% liked, 44% disliked/neutral :wink:

Stop. Misrepresenting. The. Numbers.

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