I didn't see it coming (Tidal replacing albums with MQA only)

So Keith Richards will come to my living room and sign off on the experience? Will this include drugs? :smiley:

All of this. Chapeau, Sir.

Still nobody to this day, can say what MQA is for.

Authenticated, ‘artist approved’ content? Give me a break.
Hi-res on the move? Eh? You’ve got environmental factors that will mask any perceivable difference thousands of times over.

So, we have a solution looking for a problem and Occam’s Razor applies.

The record companies are desperate to repackage your Dire Straits, Pink Floyd and Fleetwood Mac into the 58th different version and market/flog it to you again as some magical differentiator. Oh, and the future possibility of DRM would be lovely thanks.


THIS!!! :+1:

Great post!

Back strictly on topic, the trial migration to Qobuz has now happened. Here are a couple of observations:

  • I have a minor niggle about how Qobuz arrange their genre filtering. It’s makes it a bit harder for me to browse new releases in the genres I’m interested in, but it’s not a deal breaker. Besides, Tidal changed their mapping a few months ago and that made things worse anyway.

  • Given all the chat about relative size and missing library items, I was very surprised how close Qobuz was to perfectly matching my Tidal library of 1300 albums. 3% missing and I should be able to manually find some of those. If you looked at Qobuz a year/18m ago and found the library wanting, I might suggest you have another look.

  • It’s £5/m cheaper than Tidal in my territory - better than a poke in the eye.

  • Initial song/album start up in Roon is snappier than Tidal for me. Perhaps this is down to where the services are hosted and my particular DNS route.

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Glad it all worked in the end @anon55914447, I was a bit concerned when I read some of your earlier posts once you had decided to give it a go :slightly_smiling_face:

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As soon as there is an alternative to tidal, I’m off.
MQA is a power play, money grab and ethically I have big issues with it.

Qobuz is just too pricey in $aud.

IMO, most remastered MQA tracks sound worse.


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Tidal is not more expensive than Qobuz for a monthly payment. Considering the price of a Node 2i which integrates a rather good MQA DAC, it is to be hoped that DAC for Hires with crazy prices can integrate this function in a transparent way. I do not believe that ethics has something to do in this debate.

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I never said tidal was more expensive.
I said Qobuz was more expensive in $aud, it is also not available in Australia which is why we are stuck with Tidal and MQA using Roon.

Why would I downgrade to a node 2i from an RME adi 2 Fs? This makes no sense.

And secondly, why should I need to buy a new dac to listen to music that I could listen to previously without MQA authentication?

And yes it is an ethical discussion. MQA to many is a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist? Much has been written on this topic.


That was not the point of my answer. It was a question of underlining that the problem of the cost is a false problem at the level of the equipment of the participants in this forum. And I am very satisfied with my Node 2i to spend more seems unreasonable to me.

What is it with people lining up to make value judgements for others?

And then in the next sentence with absolutely no hint of irony


It’s absolutly not a judgement value. And absolutly no joint of irony (the word downgrade is not very fair)
Sorry if you think so.

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I don’t give a shiny tuppence about your hardware choice. I just hate hypocrisy when people say cost isn’t a factor in decision making. Of course it is, for many many people.

Yes it is, but everyone does not have the same limit, who is rather at a high level in the world of hifi enthusiasts.
It’s better :slight_smile:

Much has been written on this but that doesn’t make it right. Also you do not need a new DAC to enjoy MQA. Your current DAC will make a very good job after the first unfold which you can perform in either Tidal or Roon at no extra cost. The most important thing is to enjoy the music.

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No, the most important thing is to end a post with a patronising truism in a vain attempt to deflect.


How can I enjoy the music without a little blue light confirming that I am hearing the best possible, most authenticated audio available?

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It’s very easy you know, just close your eyes and open your ears and mind… But that blue light… It’s oohhh soooo lurvely… :joy:

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And you have listened to mqa on DACs that don’t support it to back up this and ensure it sounds good ? It really doesn’t sound that good at all in my experience. With an MQA DAC it does. This is what everyone is mad about having to buy a new MQA DAC to actually get it to work as good as pcm on the same DAC.

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