I didn't see it coming (Tidal replacing albums with MQA only)

Yes. That exactly is how I see it.

The DAC must be doing something to the sound that is damaging.

Alright, so I did the the test transfer from Tidal to Qobuz.

Missing just over 3%. Not bad, not bad at all.

I suspect at least a few of those could be found manually.

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I would go over the list in the app itself. I just went the opposite direction (having been gifted a too good to pass up lifetime sub to Tidal despite my slight preference for Q sound quality) and many of the missing according to Soundiiz were just title or format mismatches. The handful of truly missing titles I wanted I just ended up buying.

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Yes, I am sure you’re right.

Quite a few of those in the list I own on vinyl and I just add them to Roon with a custom tag so I have a convenient database with artwork to browse.

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Hmm, well it looks like the album transfer from Tidal to Qobuz hasn’t gone quite to plan.

In the Qobuz web player, everything looks OK. All the albums seem to have been added although it’s difficult to be totally sure as it doesn’t provide a count.

However, in Roon only 189 of 1243 albums have made it into the library. The missing albums sit resolutely in the Qobuz section of Roon and haven’t moved up to my library.

I have restarted Roon, removed and re-linked my Qobuz account but it hasn’t made any difference.

Any suggestions to resolve this?

You did a sync in Settings==>Services, of course?

Yeah, it’s just odd that a subset have synced to Roon

Forced it again to be 100% sure but it made no difference.

Come to think of ot, I’ve been there -

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Interesting. The exact same issue.

I wonder if Qobuz has something like a daily API call limit which restricts how much will sync in one go.

There is a LIFETIME subscription to Tidal??

Soundiz won’t transfer ROON playlists, very sadly. If you have used Roon’s capability to make Playlists and your playlist entries point to Tidal songs, they will not be replaced by Qobuz entries. Your Roon playlists will no longer work. So if you are a playlist user its best not to use Roon for playlists if you think you might move services.

Export your Roon playlists to csv, upload export file to soundiiz to convert…

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It’s more complicated. Export only works if the song/album is in your library.

Ah right. I find there is next to no reason to use Roon playlists. They are the forgotten step child.

NO! I said it was a gift subscription from somebody at Tidal. I’ll leave it at that.

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Same here. Out of 700 records in Tidal, I missed 93 in Qobuz

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Ah , I only see CD in South Africa, I’ll keep an eye open

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