I do not see my Nucleus + on my network and cannot access via Roon app on iPad

Roon Core Machine

Nucleus + (Rev B) S/N 54B2038C10B3

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Ubiquiti UDM-Pro Router
Multiple Ubiquiti Managed Switches
All of which have been in service for over a year.

WiFi using multiple hard-wired Ubiquiti U6-LR AP’s
Network has been stable with no connectivity issues since installation over a year ago.

Nucleus + worked well on this network until February.

Connected Audio Devices

PS Audio DirectStream DAC with a factory add on network card.
All connections via LAN. All hard-wired.

Number of Tracks in Library

Predominantly access and use Tidal

Description of Issue

Nucleus has been on network 2 years and working well through Roon app on iPad. No network changes.
Use static IP
No other equipment assigned same IP.

Unable to access Nucleus + using IP.

Monitor network with Domotz Pro and it says Nucleus + has been offline for 3 months. I had not used Roon since February so was unaware as I was working and out of town a lot.

In the meantime I have set up a core on a Windows 10 computer and accessing Roon using the Windows core.
Network light on Nucleus (at RJ45) is flashing.

Basically lost connectivity with Nucleus + in February. Unable to see device on network since February. RJ45 light is flashing on Nucleus.

When I try to access Roon via the Roon app on the iPad it says searching for core and never finds it.

Is there a way to reset to factory defaults and reconfigure?

Jim Kauten, MD

The Nucleus has two lights on its Ethernet port and they may operate/blink even if the Core is not on or functioning properly. Is there a green LED AND an amber or another colored LED both lit on the Nucleus?

Assume you have rebooted the Nucleus and it has the same behavior in that you cannot ping it via its IP or point a browser to http://nucleusplus.local ? If so, the internal drive holding the OS or some other hardware fault may the cause.

There is a solid amber light on the left and a flashing green light to the right of the RJ-45.

Yes I have rebooted the Nucleus multiple times and have connected it directly to the router as well as to other ethernet jacks and I am unable to ping it or connect via browser.


Definitely seems like a hardware problem. Tagging @support for when they are back in at the start of the week.

Hey @PhilDogMD,

Thank you for getting in touch and welcome to our Roon Community. We’re sorry that it was an issue that prompted your visit. We’d be happy to jump in and help get your Nucleus going again.

Since the device isn’t showing up on your network let’s start by reconnecting it to your network, powering it on, and connecting a monitor to the HDMI port of your Nucleus. Please take a picture of the message that’s displayed there and post it here. The diagnostic message on the screen will help us determine next steps.

We’ll be watching for your reply and get back to you as quickly as we can. Thanks!

I connected a monitor to the Nucleus Plus:

Monitor HDMI connected to computer:

Monitor HDMI connected to HDMI-A of Roon:

Monitor HDMI connected to HDMI-B of Roon:

When HDMI is connected to my powered up Roon Nucleus + there are no images.

Thank you,
Jim Kauten, MD

Looks like the OS M.2 drive has gone south. Not unheard of with Nucleus, unfortunately.

Agree. Waiting to hear from support to get this sent in.



At this point, you’re probably better off repairing it yourself. It’ll definitely be quicker and of less hassle.

Since, I’m guessing, that heat was probably what prematurely killed your M.2, either buy one that has some heat mitigation built in or attach some after-market fins to whatever M.2 you end of with.

Just my opinion. @support is the final arbitrator, of course.

Thank you for the screenshots @PhilDogMD!

I’ll be in touch via PM here on Community to gather more details. Thank you for your assistance and patience thus far. :pray:t2:


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