I don’t like 1.8 - it feels like a massive failure

Unfortunately, there are a number of obnoxious, disrespectful complaints posts that raise the volume of antagonism and do no good at al l!!


In addition to the hostility and vitriol, there have been substantive complaints made about lost and deprecated functionality in Roon 1.8, particularly in the desktop version.

Will those complaints be taken into account if they are expressed in a calm and respectful manner?


That is a fair point, but looking at the first post, that appeared to be the intention of the op,

There will always be people taking the thread off topic to a greater or lesser extent, as it always happens, but that should not detract from the fact that this thread appears primarily to highlight the grievances as the op sees them.

I also note quite a number of other threads in the forum, which politely make comment about the backwards steps in the 1.8 update, so it is very good to hear that your business will hear their views, as they were put in a more polite way.

I wasn’t aware I was making anything out to be anything other than ‘some’ people trying to make a genuine list of issues heard.


If I had a problem with Roon functionality, I would post a request for help in the Roon Support catagory. If I had a problem with the new UI, I would post in the Feature Request thread.


Danny, thanks for your comments. Do you have a count on how many of your total 250k user base have downloaded and installed 1.8? That might provide a better perspective vs looking at the total user base in having a conversation as to how many may be having issues. If 70% of users have upgraded vs. 20%, the magnitude issues and comments on the community would cause one to come to two completely different conclusions.

The upgrade has been a frustration to me in terms of hours spent just trying get the core to connect, log in, select audio zones, etc. If there was any initial failure for me, it was not related to features, changes and design of the software as much as not being able to access any music streams and play music through the audio system and the trouble it took just to be functioning.

Lest weekend, I was finally able to find work arounds and stay connected and am confident you all will work out some of these things in the coming week. Now that I am connected, I am enjoying the new software.

You will always have people who like or dislike change. I think the challenge going forward from my perspective is how you complete an upgrade with as minimal impact on the ability to connect and play music out of the gate. I know there have been multiple conversations about how the software is beta tested, but I would think a more robust testing process before launch would help to identify more of the issues before launch.

I am a lifetime subscriber and happy to use Roon as my platform and am not going anywhere. Thanks.

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Of course. They will also be taken into account if they aren’t. They are currently being taken into account.

We, as normal humans, tend to not like to deal with “dicks”. However, that doesn’t mean we are spiteful and will ignore those who act poorly. We just won’t engage with them.

70% of Cores have been updated, but there are still people running 1.6 and earlier, so yah… mostly pirates though.


Well, first of all I have not „invented“ this thread title and said in my first post here (#27 I believe) that I would not call it that way. But, yeah, its a catchy phrase that sticks. Just like:

„Roon 1.8 is great“
„Roon 1.8 is a huge success“

Would you like those threads to be renamed to ‚I genuinely feel this was a nice update and forward step‘?

Thats just getting a bit childish. You get catch-phrases everywhere. Have you looked at your marketing statements recently?


Errrr…I am not so sure. All I know is its completely unusable for me right now, because half my zones don’t appear without me having to restart the core each time. The fancy UI and everything else becomes inconsequential in context. How did this even pass testing?


Have you raised a support thread with details of your system and network?

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You need more ram. Roon uses a lot memory. I’ve never had to reboot do to a memory leak and it stays on 24/7. It’s just holding the meta data.

What are you suggesting here? That people are‘nt doing just that? In that case the bug listings in the support section would be empty.

Being discussed here and apparently they are working on a fix. Till the fix comes I am not a happy camper, as this is a MAJOR Bug IMO.

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At least it’s being attended to, stuff happens…

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Too much stuff happens…

I had the same problem.
First hour everything worked fine. Then settings disappear and all apps (Windows, Android, iPad Pro) crashed and stopped working.
Next day I downloaded a new version of Roon server (on QNAP NAS) (whih seemd to be a newer build) and after an hour or so everything work again as it should be.

Did y’all know that the people of Earth just landed a spacecraft on Mars? And that the spacecraft is carrying a helicopter? And that millions of things had to work and go right, and that one thing going wrong would have missed the planet entirely or left a burning crater on its surface?

Or, that there’s a pandemic going on? And that treatments and vaccines developed by scientists are saving lives and stopping the spread?

Perspective, y’all.


Way to be patronizing of folks that expect a product they pay quite a bit for to work flawlessly.


Count me in for calling it a failure.

I just had my database dumped for like the 6th time, randomly, right after a song finished playing. Right now this software is UNUSABLE for me, when it worked very well with 1.7.

That’s Tidal alone most likely. For me, Tidal always randomly stops or drops out, whatever you want to call it. One of the reasons I moved to Qobuz, which has zero issues. Though I still have Tidal as well, just in case.

The most commonly cause of a stream dropouts is a weak wifi or a low bandwidth wired network.

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