I don’t like 1.8 - it feels like a massive failure

1.8 is the apex of all the constructive feedback roon got and successfully ignored for years.


Right? Fire the beta testers who aren’t employees, but let this product ship when none of the users within the company notice shuffle is broken, that their bookmarks and focus queries needed to be rebuilt and are now missing significant chunks of data in many cases?

You’re telling me the CEO down to the graphic designer isn’t using Roon to do a 5 minute check of basics?! It’s insane anyone would think that’s normal or that it’s ok to let something ship without being aware of the quality.


Usually only appears on Library tracks under the play/pause. It’s a straight line for streaming music. I like it because it gives me a visual of the dynamic range if some recordings. When some tracks are highly compressed (just about everything in the 1990s

It is is indeed missing from the phone (iphone and android) interface. I’m happy with 1.8, but would like the track numbers back. I’m assuming it’s gone so as to accommodate font size increases on phone versions, so might not be easy to return.

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totally agree, Roon 1.8 is a complete mess…

At the home screen what is that blue purple recent activity screen ! Yark
On the home screen all graphics are squares or rectangle. But when we scroll down to recent artist
Boom now it’s circle. Why now keep the square or rectangle form ?

Focus for album will show xxx of xxx album from the focus filter. Ex 105 of 900 albums
Artist will work the same way
But for tracks it doesn’t show how many tracks from total when using Focus. This was available in Roon 1.7

Album view
I like the Roon 1.7 more. All the files stats was perfect under the Album art. Now it’s more on the left side with the BIO taking too much place and all the tracks are too far below. And again the artist in circle instead of keeping the square or rectangle from.

Roon Radio
Why use all the bottom of the screen to show Roon Radio next song !

Why make it so small it was perfect before with Roon 1.7

Roon 1.8 vs 1.7 is a step down in my opinion. Very strange graphical interface and colors.


I am sorry to say that version 1.8 is a disgrace.
To give just one example, when trying to change the settings in the menu, the entire program breaks down again and again.
I appreciate Roon, but the biggest problem with the software remains.
For example, if I enter the term Beethoven in the search, Roon finds 32 albums.
If you use the Beethoven link under composers, there are 534 albums.
534 of actually existing 950 albums, which Audirvana, for example, finds easily with a simple search.
A solution to this problem would have had absolute priority, and leads me to the consideration to cancel my subscription, also due to the imposition to offer the customer for really expensive money an absolutely unstable software as a stable version.


Roon 1.8 non funziona con IPad , Settings non funziona.


As a QA engineer I’m pretty blown away at releasing a product in this condition. I don’t understand how dozens of bugs weren’t observable internally and throughout beta testing. I also think inviting a bunch of us into beta testing 2 business days before launching is about the least strategic use of expanded beta testing I’ve ever encountered.

The more modern appearance is great, but it sacrificed every other aspect of quality. And that is something I can’t comprehend.


Certo, funziona, però solo in inglese (como lingua sul ipad).

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If you are looking for help solving your issues, please elaborate on the problems: what you are seeing, what you were doing, screenshots, etc.

If your purpose is just to huff and puff, well, good job!


I still have simple bugs that can be reproduced daily for 2 years they are aware of and not fixing. Bug fixes from Roon are slow if they ever come. So I can understand the frustration.


Prova a cambiare la lingua del dispositivo iOS in inglese. In questo modo settings lavora.

@Klaus_Rudolph thank you very much I totally agree! Particularly thank you for pointing out Audioirvana might be a good (at least functioning) alternative. What’s the point of having a super-fancy layout if basic database functions do not work!? That’s not worth 120 per year. The issue has already been raised last October ( Search does not find all related albums ) but nothing has been done about it.


I have been waiting for two years for Roon to improve the most important function, i.e. finding the available albums.
By the way, this is a problem that has been discussed here over and over again.
Instead, a completely unstable version is thrown on the market.
And anyway, how should one represent the first-mentioned problem by screenshot?
I press the Settings function in the menu, and the program disappears from the screen and has to be restarted.
If 1.8 had been introduced as a beta version, one could have expected problems.
And don’t tell me that the developers had no idea about these bugs.
This program is anything but cheap, so the offered should correspond to the price.


Dear MRas,
In fairness, I must say that Audirvana also has problems.
On my system (Apple) it runs very unstable, often has problems starting.
I have just downloaded an update, and will now see if there is any improvement.

Remember to stop auto install for the Roon app on iPad if you haven’t done so. I forgot, and so my iPad is now useless as a Roon (1.7) control point.

Luckily, I have a couple of Windows 10 devices I can use instead.

So far I love the new look. Also no bugs that I have been able to discern. Nice work Roon.


My subscription was due a couple of weeks before th e1.8 update, otherwise I would have done th esame!

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