I don’t like 1.8 - it feels like a massive failure

34% negative is a lot. It is expensive software and I expect quality and progress. I was fine with 1.7 and hoped 1.8 would be a better 1.7. Now it isn’t. Were there so many complaints? I read that requests are not implemented so often, so to change this big must have been done on a lot of info about what people did not like. And I think that keeping your customers happy is the best way to get your product to other people, I have lifetime, based on 1.7. Don’t know if I would have taken lifetime with 1.8.


:rofl: (yes roon, this is a complete sentence)

List of my sins:

  1. “Do not trust and install new release of an application at least period of two weeks after publishing (lets learn on someone’s sins)”
    → Guilty.

  2. “Do not create strong and emotional relationship with an application you do not have any control at all”
    → Guilty and close to guilty cuz was thinking of lifetime sub.

  3. “Do not invest effort and money in relation with an application you do not have any control at all”
    → Guilty. 2,5 years of collecting work, metadata probably with a chance to migrate somewhere, bought Nucleus - probably with a chance to recover tu NUC.


1.8 is definitely no massive failure.
Actually after using it 2 days I like it a lot.
Dark mode in tandem with purple is kind of cool.


Unfortunately that’s not the case. I’m getting constant crashes with English.

I realize it’s new software, but there are a lot of problems on my end. The new UI design is unacceptable. I’ll write up my criticisms and post them in the main thread.


Speaking of proof (or at least data), I have a hypothesis I’d like to test, and I’m posting it on all the “1.8 is [insert adjective]” threads. I’m excited got a hypothesis about how reaction is spreading out to the UI (not stability issues) based on which remote type you use more often. Anyone who answers gets my thanks!

One would hope however that if you are using numbers to reinforce your argument in three separate posts, that they would have some basis in reality other than just providing a rhetorical flourish.


Although I did get the new UI to work on Wine. I can’t connect to local Audio devices on my Linux machine though. I can play on networked Roon bridges I have.

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34% IS a lot. But note the following:

  1. There was a huge uptake of the release, such that Roon services got bogged down. So a lot of people are using it.
  2. There are about 30,000 people in the Roon Forum.
  3. There are about 100,000 Roon users.
  4. There are ~700 people in the survey. That is just over a half of one percent of Roon users and 2% of people on the Forum.

If you want to draw conclusions from that, fine. But I’d like to see if we get anything close to a reasonable sample size. And as the person who started the poll noted, it isn’t necessarily unbiased in data collection.

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If people are desperately unhappy with 1.8 (I’m not), there is a route back. I posted about it on another thread.

I have severe problems with my normal listening mode. Normally I selected 7 genres and excluded another 2 and then started shuffle. That is not more possible - even if I select 4 genres, roon shows 2 albums! The more genres I choose, the less albums are chosen - weird! And if I start from the top to select a genre, then I don’t get the other ones by selecting: view more, it stops with four genres. A friend of mine has the same problem, even with other hardware. There must be more then a severe bug and I miss 1.7.

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I’d put this in a new support thread.

Hi ben21,

I guess this is because a boolean AND connection of the selected filters. So basicially you have to do a negative selection. To do so choose the genres you want to exclude and click on them. The genres items are turning red and the related alums will be removed.


As Oliver says above, they changed how focus works. It’s now exclusive: Roon will only look at albums that fulfill ALL conditions, so for each new tag you select, you should have less results. This is actually a pretty normal behavior, but as many people had bookmarks based on the previous model that now simply don’t work, I believe the dev team will have to come up with an alternative.
A simple toggle for “or” or “and” would do nicely, it’s not uncommon either.

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Все что написал автор первого поста - справедливо! я поддерживаю… интерфейс - из удобного и красивого превратился во что-то очень неудобное… когда в экран ничего не помещается и нет возможности масштабирования… приходится листать… и в несколько кликов искать то - что было раньше под рукой всегда… к тому даже подбор шрифтов и графики весьма уродлив… верните все взад - как было!

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Hi Rob,

The older UI looked very professional, to me. I think the current 1.8 UI is to modern, not as timeless as the older one. Which I loved.