I don’t like 1.8 - it feels like a massive failure


Particularly annoying because I use Playlists specifically on one of my systems, and my control app for that system (for a number of reasons) happens to be an iPad.

Presumably, this is just an oversight and will be corrected in an imminent release?

Yes, that’s exactly what I am going to do. Sign up for a one year license, so I have another 30 days for “trial”, because If I go lifetime during the 30 days, I won’t have any additional costs to the 799$.

My hope is that there’s another update in this time period so I can see how Roon reacts to all the criticism and what gets changed / fixed first and what does not.

I’ve had this happen quite a few times… I have to relaunch the app several times and eventually it won’t crash.

I did note that when this does happen, I usually have several other apps running and available memory is usually below 2GB.

Or, you could do monthly for a while.

I could send them a truckload if still required. Pls. Let me know

Of course I could, but since I expect to go lifetime in the end, I don’t want to spend any penny more than necessary :wink:

If you switch during the first 30 days after a charge for a yearly subscription, you will only pay the difference, $580.11. At any other time, or if you’re switching from a monthly subscription, you will pay the full $699.99.


Then go lifetime today.

I am not in a hurry :wink:

Depends on the device. I have them on desktop but not iphone.

I have not had a single issue on Linux with 1.7 or 1.8 that I thought was related to Linux. Rock solid, fast enough, no glitches. Wine is great and thanks to Roonlabs for not breaking it. What pain?


The problem with basing recommendations on popularity is what is the source of the popularity index? Is it the popularity of the track or album on TIDAL? Is it based on how many times I’ve played it? And all of that only reinforces a confirmation bias or heard mentality. Great music might be decades old and is no longer popular so you won’t want to use TIDAL popularity to provide recommendations. At the same time, how do you uncover gems that may not fit into what I normally listen to but will go “Hey, that’s cool!” I could go on about this, but recommendations are things I think we’re all attuned to taking with a grain of salt. Sometimes they’re good, sometimes not.


Yes, good points. I don’t know what Valance is doing. I did find in 1.7 that I was getting very different results depending on context. For example, here were two recommendation views and also two radios depending on whether you were using local or streamed content. Some of the 1.7 recommendation logic worked for me, some of it didn’t.

I haven’t really had time to look at all the new 1.8 options, mostly I guess because access is different and they are no longer to hand how I normally use roon. I have briefly scrolled down and looked at the recommendation panel. Haven’t really got an opinion yet. Nothing popped up I liked the look of. Qobuz found something for me though. I’ll try again later. I’m a big fan of recommendation and radio tools and tend to use them a lot if they make sense.

My I disagree here ?
I can understand the logic behind this change in 1.8. Showing icons with a composition appears faulty, since a composition has no icon per se. What 1.7 was doing is picking up the icon from the first available recording in the library, a totally arbitrary choice if you happen to have many recordings of a composition.

Only composition recordings can be correctly linked to an icon, and that is what 1.8 is doing on the “All recordings” section of a given composition page.This is correct.

I agree with you that 1.8 could show the number of recordings for a given composition, broken down in “Local/Tidal/Qobuz”.

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I’d like to add my voice. So glad I didn’t get lifetime licence because this release is just rubbish, and no option to use previous version.

The thing that annoys me the most is the removal of my own favorites and most played songs under each artist, now being replaced by “Popular” . WTF Roon, you guys used to be special now you’re going the way of Microsoft, Apple etc.


I am a fan of Roon 1.8, it grows on me everyday.

However, I am a bit concerned about the tiny minority of those users who are very much vocal against 1.8, most of them are not really familiar with computers/tablets or general computing usages.


I can’t fault your logic, but I think you overlook the practical aspect. Personally, those illogic associations helped me visually recognize my compositions. In the best of worlds, it would have been easy for me to choose which album cover to select, so my compositions could be associated with my favorite rendering, but I’m not gonna argue I ever thought of even requesting this feature.

The issue at hand is that the album icon is replaced by pretty much nothing. If logic must prevail, I’d still rather have a logical visual cue rather than an absence.

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Spreading this gossip in various threats doesn’t make it any better.


Yes, I am very concerned about the fake or mis-understood view of what truly is.

Lifetime may not be available for ever, Roon have already advised us on this…

Wowh, a truth interpreter. Nice.