I don’t like 1.8 - it feels like a massive failure

Thanks so much.

Do explain why you need, I only need the Composition

Fair comment, I come into the groomers group, I stream very little compared to local.

My boxes are mostly tagged with Composer, Composition and Movement, so Focus does work for me

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Yes, that line from “Dusk till Dawn” is pretty funny. However, we all know it’s quite possible to make (or hide) statements IN questions. And nobody can deny that questions can be insulting. More importantly, just because someone is “discussing people in a generic way” doesn’t mean his or her choice of words (or film quotes) can’t be perceived as inappropriate.


About the “so much more” fully agree and i find it good and therefore i have roon. I am exploring new artists and music all of the time. But usability is about clicks and UI fits to the user needs and not about emphasizing the differences to other software.
So… now i listen to Patricia Kaas, my discovery from yesterday. Had read the biography once. Since yesterday i played 5 or 6 albums, and every time when i want to play another one or browse the discography i have to go over the biography page. Sorry - not optimal for me.
In the 1.7 version at least a scroll, now is a click+scroll.

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I find this discussion of one fairly innocuous comment by a member of the Roon team quite humorous, given the vitriol and insulting behaviour in this thread.


“Naughty language” triggers something in the brain in a way that cruel/bitter speech does not.

For example, if I was to call these people “prudes”, maybe a bit of offense but if I call them “pussies”, an explosive reaction can be expected, even though the intent and the parsing of that intent would be identical.

It’s just human nature – I wouldn’t take it too seriously, or personally! :wink:

…and just to be extra clear, I called no one a prude or a pussy!


Just because a tiny minority of Roon users has displayed disrespectful behaviour here and elsewhere doesn’t mean that Roon staff should comment on this with the help of words such as “dicks” or “pussies”.


It’s very tempting and in handy to go wild in exploring the human nature here. This forum should be a mandatory reading for any neuroscience/psychology/psychiatry class!


I’m in Sarasota, Florida. Using a Roon Nucleus on 500MPS Frontier ethernet. No problems with any streaming service. The new update works great and is much appreciated.

Which view is this?
Probably features of 1.8 with 1.7 UI

Discover mode?


I want to make something clear.
I am too insensitive using english language. German translation is really akward.


I really like this screenshot. Perfect use of space.

Personally, I don’t think you’re getting it. But, really, it’s hardly worth the effort to type about this further. I’ll just continue to chuckle at the “indignation” and appreciate how Roon is making my life more enjoyable.


Same here.


I almost quit Roon today. Because of all this. In addition to the music, I do appreciate the forum. It is full of helpful tips, solutions to problems that I have hit, and often I find amazing gold nuggets of music I’ve never heard. On occasion I’ve even helped a Rooner or two with problems they were experiencing with similar setup to mine (which I’d manage to solve - being the network genius I am lol)

3 days until my renewal. I went to my account, and toggled the automatic renewal off. There, did it. Then went on with my day, working from home and listening to great music. And every so often I would want to change what I was listening to and there it was, in the top right corner - 3 days left…I thought ‘What The F*** Am I Doing’.

UI / blank space / font size / purple - is this ruining my enjoyment of the music - nope. Will this get sorted out - yep. Did I enjoy listening to Spotify for a day as a ruminated leaving Roon/Qobuz - nope.

Get off this thread people, and get back to your music. That’s all that is important. The rest will get taken care of, give it a little time.


Great post Sean, I hope you’re right and UI / blank space / font size / purple DOES get sorted. I know, first world problems, but we are paying customers after all. At least the music still sounds the same.

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And it’s new music Friday - yey :grinning:



Did you hear that Daft Punk is breaking up? Bummer…Though I only have a couple albums of theirs.

Yes, the rumors are true about Daft Punkhttps://www.cbsnews.com/news/daft-punk-break-up/. HERE.