I don’t like 1.8 - it feels like a massive failure

Sure, why don’t you file a class action suit then if all is so clear? ‘The greatest witchhunt…’

Are there witches in here? You could use them to cast a spell over Ethernet cables!


It seems that many of issues on iPad occur because Roon team still uses non-native development tool for UI. Such issues include horrible flickering when opening app from background, portrait mode which works only in single direction, taps that sometimes don’t work, and probably missing lock screen controls. Roon representatives already mentioned some time ago that they cannot support native versions of UI - they already invested in Mono for this. So I don’t get how they going to fix all this without radical decisions.


Whether or not it’s a massive failure is in the eye of the beholder.

Roon 1.8 functioned properly for me as it was designed to, but I strongly dislike its design. I love 1.7, but I would not have purchased Roon 1.8. The UI and UX in the desktop version has been changed in ways that are deal-breakers for me. I’ve reverted back to 1.7 and am very happy with that.

Calling people “massive whiners” and attempting to invalidate their opinions says more about you than it does them. Maybe if they remove the features you like next time, you’ll be a “massive whiner” too.


My goodness what a lot of fuzz about 1.8. - I think it started with the title of this topic. Clearly not a well chosen one. Is it possible to remove this complete topic and then listen to some mind soothing music. ‘Sleep’ by Max Richter for instance.


So the fact that YOU don’t like the design of 1.8, even though you say it functions well for you, makes it a massive failure? Uh, ok. That’s not a very persuasive “massive failure” argument.

Let’s use a power failure analogy. If the power went out in a few million homes, that would be a “massive failure.” If it went out in your home only, that would be a minor problem. If you didn’t like the design of your new electrical panel that would be a subjective dislike, not a failure.

I wonder how many people have watched and listened to the recent chat between Mike Fass of `Roon and the man from Qobuz.
There is a really good demonstration of Roon, what it’s doing in 1.8 (under the hood) and why it’s doing it.
If people stick with 1.7, they are missing so much. I thought I understood Roon but learnt a lot…

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I would be interested in listening to this. Can you share a link, or tell me where I can find it?


The Qobuz person is David Solomon. Most of his “talks” end up on YouTube, although I quickly checked and don’t see this one yet. It will probably surface. It may be elsewhere already.

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There are many valid criticisms here of the aesthetics and usability of 1.8. The worst offender in my book is that Roon 1.8 crashes frequently on my iMac running the most current iteration of Mac OS X. And it randomly loses all of my endpoints at which point I have to restart Roon and usually reboot the computer to regain them. Was there no beta testing done on various platforms? The hype leading up to this release said that it was to create a museum experience and was designed to look like a music magazine. It is important to remember that websites are neither museums nor magazines and to model the look on either of those is regressive. Think for the web and USABILITY. Bring back lists for album/song credits, etc. I began my Roon experience in December 2020 with 1.7. I doubt that I would have subscribed if I had initially seen 1.8. Issues abound and support is either non-existent or glacially slow at responding.


There was an update a few days ago to fix the missing endpoints issue. Did it not work for you?

So this appears to be a matter of semantics. I gather from what you’re saying that, as long as Roon functions as intended, it can’t be a massive failure. We disagree, but you’re not being unreasonable for feeling that way.

The usability of Roon, for my use case, was diminished enough for me to go from loving it to not wanting to use it all. That for me, was a failure and it was massive. I’ve written substantive posts with my criticisms of 1.8. It’s more than just colors and fonts. Again, I’m all good now because I’m back on 1.7.

But yes, if a design goes from being excellent to poor (again, for my use case), it doesn’t matter that it’s working as designed.


This is not the only thread with complaints, it’s just the one with the most provocative title. I’m definitely NOT going to name community members who vehemently defended Roon before and who now voice discontent. That’s too close to finger pointing, which is something I’m not willing to do.

Anyway, I personally am getting a better insight into what was important to them in the previous iterations of Roon. The changes they complain about explain a lot about why they had a different take on Roon’s qualities than I did.

Hegelian dialectic at work if you will, even if parts of the dialog were terse.


It was on the Roon Facebook page


It’s certainly hard to keep track of all the responses from Roon if you have only briefly browsed the forum, but I don’t think your statement is true:

Have you reported your endpoint issue?

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This post has the link, edit or rather it doesn’t, this is a different one but still might be useful. My bad. The correct link is in @SimplicityCompass’ post below this one.


Link to the Feb 25th livestream:


Good to have both, @killdozer :smiley:


Thanks @SimplicityCompass I’d just realised my error and was returning with a correction. I’ll leave them both standing as the link I posted might be of interest. It’s also clearly not the interview in question though :wink:

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No I haven’t reported the endpoint issue. I have two other open support cases (one stretches back over a month and although I got a reply from Norris, I am still waiting for the issue to be resolved. The other is only a day old). I figured I’d wait until those are resolved before requesting help with the endpoints, and also to wait to see if bug fixes take care of the problem. Where can I see and follow my open cases?

I’m about a third of the way through this video. They use Ella Fitzgerald as a use case for how Valence “popularity” works. So I brought up Ella Fitzgerald and I get a few famous albums I expected to see but also “Ella Wishes You a Swinging Christmas”. Is anyone else seeing this? Is Valance working 3 months in arrears?