I don’t like 1.8 - it feels like a massive failure

I think Solti is pretty much the universally accepted gold standard on Rings. Amazing achievement. But there are many other great versions.

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During lockdown, I treated myself to a Solti Ring week , but unlike Jean-Yves , one a day . I must be getting old :sunglasses:


I’ve been a Roon user for 3 years.
Technically everything has worked for me since then: every update, every endpoint. (ROCK, Win 10, Squezebox, Iphone, Tablet, android)

But with 1.8, as a user with a local library, I lost the fun of the program.
There are far too many errors, hints and recommendations on my own music, a mess with the empty genres, no consistent appearance in the GUI, a much more difficult or should I say more complicated operation, “an impossible” color choice that is hardly possible in the dark read is little information about my own collection but more information about concerts, radio and “advertising?” and much, much more. All of this has already been reported here in the forum.

At 1.8 I only listen to music, do NOT read or follow the biography or “the contributors” of an album. I also find fewer albums (or contributors) on an album because the presentation is confusing and often incomplete.
Too bad.
To be completely honest: I didn’t like to push that.


It was a challenge for myself, listening all the opera in just one day. I have also listen to all Callas live recording in one week 44hrs, and all Malher or Beethoven symphony in one day. Today it’s Alicia Keys works.

And i’m a daytrader, good for my nerv

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I’m retired I suppose I can pace it , nothing better to do :joy:

I am still plugging to get through my library “in my lifetime”

Maybe the wrong thread to say this, but in say the last week I have actively listened for perhaps 20 hours to music entirely through Roon. I found what I wanted and Roon found lots of spot-on suggestions for my enjoyment. The sound I’m getting is the best I’ve ever had and I have had a heart full of musical delight. And, for me, that’s what music is for and why I dish it up via Roon.


Allow you to control everything with an originally well done software (not so well actually), link directly with internet infos, able to mixed in your library your own digital music in near any configuration, MQA if you have the required source like Tidal Hi-Fi or Qobuz, near every format existing, for myself i have 16-24 bit, 44,1 48 88,2 96 176,4 192 352,4 DSD 64-128-256 Stereo 5 channel 5,1 channel, i use the software on my 4 complete different systems, stereo and multi channel, with Imac (core) iphone control ipad control. I also have Audirvana but don’t use it since i have roon, look at it sometimes but no more interes to it. And buy it, don’t go for annual fee.

If you use only one place or device to listen music, and have only one source of streaming, you’ll probably don’t really need it, except for bibliography and internet direct link. If you have many sources, you will love it, and much more if you have many location at home were you can play different music for each.

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Oh, 1.8 is nowhere near a 'massive failure". There are some problems, none of which have affected my ability to listen to Roon. The combo of Roon-Qobuz and Raspberry Pi-based endpoints feeding into high-end amplifiers is life-changing. Ant 1.8 has not changed that. Anyone who has ever done a software rollout knows that they are never perfect. No one can foresee all of the issues and needed tweaks. 1.8 is a good try, but not perfect. Within the next couple of months with constructive feedback, it will be much better.


Hi Michel,

just starting from one hour Roon crashes after trying to start.

I’ve Mac IOS.

it worked up to 1 hour from now 8:30p.m in Milan Italy and now it doesn’t start any more.

So I’ve paid for life license software that I cannot use.

Please note that I’m responsible of Cyber Sec of a Multinational Company and I securize big software platforms like Amazon that’s surprising me that a software like this crashes without an apparent reason.

Waiting for support


If it is working for hundreds of thousands, but not for a few, isn’t it likely to be a local connectivity issue? I hope you are able to get it sorted out soon, because Roon is a beautiful product. Best of luck.


Agreed, I think the key to your post is there is no ‘fun’ with the program any longer. The recommendations are now nearly useless and focus only on who might be in the info section (assuming there is one). The UI and navigation is a mess. With 1.7 everything worked - with 1.8 it’s a new issue(s) every week.


Good description. It‘s a fight now. Perhaps its great with tidal/qobuz, but not with local libraries.

Well I’ve tried but I’m going to hang it up. The latest glitch is the app crashes after 10 seconds on my iPhone 8+. I had a sub for the last year, let it lapse for a couple weeks, then signed up for a month. I just can’t justify the cost for a piece of software that I have to constantly fiddle with. So, back to a combination of jriver and Apple Music. I also have a family sub for Spotify that I don’t use but my kids and son-in-law use a lot. I won’t be paying extra for Spotify lossless but if Apple ever goes there I’ll pony up. I really wanted this to work but I just don’t have the patience to screw around with it anymore. So long folks.


So you’re taking the easy way out. :wink:

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