I don’t like latest Discourse at all

I really don’t like this on the iPad. I miss the padding on the old style, this is just too stretched out to the ends of the screen, it’s like the padding tag isn’t working.

And there is so much thread information missing like views etc



It doesn’t look like that for me, looks like the Naim site essentially. iPad Pro 12.9, but it still works if the sidebar is enabled

So you’re not seeing this?

So what setting do I need to get it looking like the Naim forum?


It looks on the iPad like it does on the Mac for me, with the views and all, much like the Naim page for you. I did nothing to change anything after the Discourse update, it just looks like it always did except for maybe minor changes in the new version - nothing that pokes my eye.

I am back on the Mac now (and apparently too stupid to paste a screenshot on iPad) but that’s the same on the iPad for me

Looks like what you have may be the mobile version? Meant for a phone but then stretched to iPad size? Is there a link anywhere, probably at the bottom, to “request desktop version”?

Yeah, that’s what I want to see and have no idea why I’m not!

Anyone else out there seeing it like I am?


Not sure if you’ve seen my edit at the bottom. Does that make sense and did you try that?

Just looking at it and it looks like I have chosen correctly

but indeed I do think that that is perhaps what’s happening.

I’ve tried logging out and back in, killing Safari, lastly I’ll try an iPad reboot.


Weird, what’s your iPad size?


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It’s cookies apparently as when I log in in private mode it works fine.

Now how does one delete cookies in Safari for a particular site?


Thanks for your help and input @Suedkiez. In settings I had to delete all website data but now I’m seeing the correct website version.


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Great. And I learned something :slight_smile:
(I’m all new to macOS and iPad after 3 decades of Linux at home, so it’s all good experience)

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Has anyone seen the “awaiting approval” when you post? Wondering if this post will get flagged for “awaiting approval” too…

Has happened twice to me, in each case the ‘culprit’ was the inadvertent and quite innocent use of a ‘banned’ word in my post… :rofl:

Oh, I f****** see, did not know this is child friendly but with age we become kids again :slight_smile:

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Weird. If there are any “banned” words in either of the two posts I’ve made, I’ll be amazed. Astounded. Can one of the @moderators take a peek at my pending scribbles and see if I’ve done anything wrong? Is this now part of being a moderator?

I already replied to your other post on this matter…

But yes your posts contained what the Discourse software saw as “watched words”

Man, The Breeze and I on this album swings??? Maybe

I believe it was Harris that did it.
American politics.
Go figure :thinking:

Oh, I see.


Quis custodiet ipsos custodios? [if my Latin still works]