I don’t like the Forum’s editor, or maybe I’m doing something wrong

I use my iPad to participate in the Roon Community Forums. When I use the editor, like I am now, it gives me about three half lines of text at a time. As I write, those lines scroll out of sight and I can’t get a big picture view of what I’m typing. I
find this quite limiting, to say the least. Below is a screen shot of my tiny view.

Or maybe I’m just not using the editor correctly. Is there a way to enlarge the view? If so, help, please.

You can use the preview pane on the right to gain an overview of your post as you are creating it. You should be able to scroll up and down through what you have written so far.

I notice in your screenshot that the Forum is showing you a message (“Your topic is similar to…”) and this message overlays the preview pane. If you dismiss the message, you’ll be able to see the preview pane.

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You may find it easier using the iPad in portrait mode when using the forum as the keyboard will occupy less space.

Also, you could install the Discourse app from the App Store since this doesn’t have the browser navigation and bookmark bar.

As @Geoff_Coupe says, close the Your topic us similar to… dialogue box.


I use a Bluetooth keyboard with my iPad, which gives more screen space for the app. Preferably the Microsoft Wedge keyboard, the cover of which doubles as a stand for your iPad or phone.


That’s a great idea. I’ve never used a separate keypad and if yours doubles as a stand, even better.

Thanks to all for some good suggestions!

But, honestly, I don’t understand why Roon would choose this editor. I frequent many audio forums and all have much better editors than this one.

The Roon forum uses Discourse. Maybe that’s what they use.

An iPad is not a computer. Even Apple says so.

Use a real computer with a real keyboard. Problem solved.


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Everything about Roon is easier and better using a laptop to interact, IMHO.

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Type it in another program and just copy and paste. It’s for commentary not a novel.


Uh-oh, that sounds like a challenge… :slight_smile:

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I have often turned to another app to write content for the forum, and it’s a good suggestion, though I will still contend that Roon’s choice of software for this forum could be a lot more user friendly. If it were better, I wouldn’t have to take that extra step.

To those who suggested I use a computer instead of a tablet, all I can say is “I wish”. I have some significant back problems from medical procedures gone wrong and sitting is way difficult, to say the least. All I can say is thank goodness there are tablets because I don’t have to exactly sit to use them and without them I couldn’t really do Roon.

For the same reason I have a similar wish for improvement of the Roon metadata editor on the tablet.

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As has been said, the Roon forum (like many other public forums) uses the Discourse forum software - it’s not something that has been written by Roon Labs themselves.

If you are accessing the Forum using your iPad’s browser, then I see that Discourse has an app for the iPad. Perhaps the design of the app may be more suited to you?