I don’t see the Aries Mini on the Mac

Auralic Aries Mini with internal HD. (Yes I’m using the correct beta SW and the Roon ready switch is on.
iMac Retina 4K, 21,5 in, late 2015) 16 GB RAM 3.1 GHz Core I5
OS 10.13.2
Music is stored on the Aries Mini.
Library is about 300 GB, several thousand songs.

The first thing in set up is to locate the music library (Storage Location). I don’t see the Aries Mini on the Mac.
I try the Roon Remote app. The Aries is there, but same issue about Storage Location.
Can’t seem to get past that.
Should I be using to Mac to do this?
How do I find the Aries Mini?

Hi Harry,

i presume you have seen this bit of the Community and had a good peruse…?


Unfortunately, I am not familiar with that hardware and do not have a Mac based core, but it sounds like if you can get the mac to see the storage location, Roon will too. Does it need mounting in Finder via SMB?

Thanks for the link.
I found what I needed to do.
Things working fine now.
Thanks again.


Hi Harry,

good to know. It is always worth sharing what you did to help others with the same issue in future.