I don't know Kurt Eiling but Kurt Elling [Resolved]

Just strumbled over this:

In this (superb) Album the metadata refer to Kurt Eiling, what should be Kurt Elling in real world.

Have you tried editing the metadata in Roon? Likely the track metadata is wrong and Roon is just passing that along.

It is a Tidal album, have not seen that track editing is possible like this.

Ah, very subtle.

You’ll likely want to post this to the Music Services | Tidal thread if you’re looking for an answer.

The error is coming from here http://www.allmusic.com/album/afro-blue-mw0002825629/credits

@mike, lets get this issue reported to them.

I’ll be checking out that album…

Thank you very much!

Resolved in the metadata service on 29-Aug-16.

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