I don't see my Tidal content in Roon [Resolved]

IMac 10.14.6

I just downloaded ROON core and integrated it with Tidal but I only see 3 albums and 6 artists of my content there. How does my full Tidal content display in ROON?

Hello Mark,
Any album that you have favourited in Tidal should be integrated into your Roon library. Do you have more favourite albums than just those three in Tidal?

Yes quite a few. I have a fairly large collection in Tidal. But Roon is showing just two albums and 6 artists. I logged out and logged in again with Tidal inside of roon but still the same

You said you have only just installed Roon. It could be that Roon is still building its database and that your albums will appear within an hour or so. Importing albums from a local drive can take some time, but I believe content from Tidal or Qobuz is added instantaneously. So this is strange. Maybe other users have any idea?

My local files have loaded fine. I still don’t have access to my Tidal content

I solved my issue. Thanks!

Care to share how?
Just curious!

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I had an acct with tidal under a different email from a ways back and I was logging into the wrong acct. My bad!

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Lol, been there and done that!
On Qobuz not Tidal but same head scratching moments until the light bulb came on.

Glad it’s working now, enjoy the music!

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Thanks, now to enter the big room of ROON!

Happy listening!

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