I don't understand album recommendations on my Home Page

I am loving the new 1.8 - working very nicely for me.

One curiosity I have always had is the album recommendations for me in my Home Page. I mostly listen to alternative country and folk, new and old jazz, blues, international music yet right now the album recommendations for me on my Home page are Paul McCartney, the Rolling Stones, James Taylor and Joni Mitchell and two Beatles albums. Hardly seems intuitive or latest in AI giving me suggestions.

If I go to tidal it recommends Jeremy Ivey, Yoko Miwa Trio and Bjorn Berge - know Jeremy is Margo Price’s husband but other than that these are great new album recommendations! Why is Roon which is awash in data not an improved version of this?

My one complaint - still loving it.

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Same problem here. I never listen to classical music, but there are lots of classical recommendations for me.

And you’re lucky with Tidal. I get some really nonsensical suggestions there too!

Curious - opening up my page today and some great new recommendations Jacob Bro new one and the aforementioned Yoko Miwa Trio. Okay will be interesting to follow not sure if you have had same Sergio.

On my home page the recommendations seem to match music genres quite well, nevertheless I rarely use the feature, because what I don’t understand is this: Why only recommend new releases? This seems quite restrictive, say I listen a lot to music from the 60’s or 70’s, there won’t be much of new releases, except for some compilations or remasterings. I realize there exists the “Recommended albums for you” section below the currently playing album, but it is not the same since it requires scrolling down, a lot of back and forth navigation and only covers one (sub)genre. Having a global “Recommend albums for you” would be a nice addition to the home page.

Totally agree. What is listed in this page is mostly redundant (things I already know) and does not add any value whatsoever to music discovery. I should be seeing Album recommendations based on my listening habits. This is what every other streaming service shows me. Roon runs cutting edge AI to make sense of what music I like etc. Yet it’s unable to suggest anything of value to me.

Same here. This week I was even presented with Rod Stewart! @#$%^.

Strangely enough, the single suggestions are of a slightly better quality.

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