I don't want do have any additional tags from their provider and only want to see my own

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I come from germany, so please dont look at grammar (…) :wink:

I have a Synology 916+ 8Gb with 16TB (4x4) in a Raid 5. The flac files on this are to this point just a backup. I have an internal disc on my pc with every flac converted to alac and i am using Itunes to play my music. I know, it is unusual to use Itunes on Windows and having the whole collection in flac and alac, but the look of the software is very important for me and for my personal view, Itunes is the most beautiful one.

So, I was very disappointed of the Synology apps, DS Audio was a pain in the ass since I got this NAS. After a lot of research, my last hope was Roon. Yesterday I started my 14 day trial. The first look is really impressing and it seems to eleminate all my problems which I had with DS audio and so on. The only problem will be that I have fixed times when my NAS boots up and shuts off, because I didnt get it to work that the hard drives stay in the sleep mode and so they woke up every hour… after a half year 2 of my disks were destroyed of that many “restarts”. Even my best friend, who is a pc pro and has an own synology NAS didnt get to fix it… So for roon it would be nice if I could use the sleep mode again but it needs to work correctly to avoid another dead hard drive. If someone has tipps, please tell.

So now to my roon questions. The correct tags of my flac files are very, really very important for me. So every album I got, from my own cds and so on, I manually tag them with mp3tag. Only the best covers are added into the files and every info is placed into the metadata. For example, if I have a remastered release, I nevertheless use the original release year in the “year tag” and adding the release year with additional informations into the “comment tag”. In Itunes, when you click with the right moude button on the album and select info, this informations are displayed correctly.

How do I get this on roon? I cannot find a way to let roon show me my tags of the album. How do I tell roon, that I dont want do have any additional tags from their provider and only want to see my own?

An other question is, that I can sort the artists by name. Why cant I sort the albums by name and only by release date? Or maybe I did a mistake? And with “artist”, does roon using the “artist” tag or the “albumartist” tag? The second one would be better, is this possible?

Thanks for everyone reading all this text and a big thanks to everyone who is trying to help :slight_smile:

I surely don’t want to scare you away, but maybe Roon is not the best solution if file tags are your greatest concern.

Congratulations on that. It’s always a good thing to begin your journey by working your way through the Getting Started page.

I’m not sure that this is even possible. Take a look at the guide about Import Settings.

Please read the guide about the The Album Browser.

Generaly speaking, it’s artist for tracks and albumartist for albums.

I hope this helps to get you on your way. Please take your time to discover the possibilities Roon has to offer. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to ask if a search in the Roon Knowledge Base or on this forum doesn’t reveal the answer.

As @BlackJack mentioned, there are many text fields in Roon where you can use import settings to tell Roon “when there’s metadata in my file tags and Roon also retrieved metadata, prefer the text from my file tags”, but there’s no way to just turn off all Roon metadata, since there are some fields where the data can only come from Roon.

In Roon, artists and composers are not pieces of text that live in your file tags – they’re actual “objects” tracked in the Roon database, which allows Roon to organize your music in ways that aren’t possible with file tags.

For example, Roon can support multiple artists with the same name (like Bill Evans vs Bill Evans). Roon can also recognize multiple spellings of the same artist, and link them all link back to the same person (for example if your Tchaikovsky recordings from different countries spell the composer’s name differently.)

Roon is designed to organize your collection in more powerful ways than are possible with just file tags. You’ll have to decide whether that works for how you organize your collection.

These docs are a little outdated :innocent: but there’s some more information about this here and here.

If you’re talking about the album browser, both of these options should be available.

Thanks a lot for your answers :slight_smile:

About the “version” problem: So the settings menue shows many ways to tell roon which “edition” or “release” of an album is meant … most of them needs editing the folders which I dont want to do. An other option is to add the tag “version” into the file… So, as i told, I use mp3tag for editing the tags of my flac files. Mp3tag has no “version” tag field… But you can just type “version” into an empty tag file… I tried this with the deluxe edition of Beck - Odelay, updated the music library (I have only a few artists and albums in a different folder to test roon) and unfortunately, roon isnt recognizing this tag… So what excactly do I have to do, to get this “version” tag into my flacs? Do I need an other tool?

Btw: Roon on Windows is capable of showing the “comment” tag… if you click on the dots next to a title you can open file info and then “show tags”… there you can see the comment tag with my release informations… Why isnt this possible on the android app?

  1. grafik

  2. Add the VERSION tag to the file

  3. Open the album


    Re-Scan Album if it’s not there

I don’t think that this is a good solution because file tags are track based whereas the version information in Roon is solely album based afaik.

I don’t know if this is the case here: The mobile versions of Roon displaying different UI (Landscape/Portrait) depending on the screen size of your device. The portrait mode UI has only limited access to the features of Roon whereas the landscape version corresponds to the desktop version.

PS: You can also use pictures here to make your questions more clear.

Roon will also extract the version information from the file folder title.
For example, if I add [MCA - MVCE-19310] to the title of the album folder, like this:

I Just Can’t Help Myself [MCA - MVCE-19310]

Then Roon will sense the change and automatically add it as the version information.

Ok, thanks for the answers

Another question: Today I wanted to start roon from my google pixel 2 xl at my work… but then I got the information, that roon only works in the same wlan as the NAS on which the core is installed. So, is it true that I can use roon only at home?

At the moment, yes unless you can get a vpn working that puts your phone ip in the same range as your home network so that multicast packets work without routing.

As far as I know this is on the list of things to be done by Roon and eagerly awaited for but I’ve no idea when it might appear.

I recommend using the NAS for backup only and not for playing music (or anything else). I think NAS is an obsolete concept. If you need more storage on the PC, it’s cheap: an external USB drive. I recently quit all my complex storage stuff and bought a 10 TB HD for $300. Depending on how much music you have, an SSD may be reasonable, that’s what I use in my Nucleus and in my NUC before that.

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