I don't want my name in forum

(Andrew Cox) #195

Done and done !

(Lukas Luis) #196

Thank for the quick action!


Will you please change my username to darqman. Thanks.

(Andrew Cox) #198

There ya go !

(Per Morten) #199

Can you please change my username to:

Per Morten


@PerMorten, That’s now done for you.

(Per Morten) #201

Thank you!


Please would you change my username to @jsmla

(Rene Bouwmeester) #203

All set, @jsmla!


Please could you change my name to @PaulCS?



(Rene Bouwmeester) #205

Well hi there, @PaulCS!


Big thanks!



How do I stop my full real world name being used as my user name when I post?
I can’t see an option in my profile for changing this.

Thank you.

(Greg Stratton) #208

Hi Julia,

I moved your post to this thread. What do you want your user name to be?

Cheers, Greg


Hi Greg

The reason I started a new post rather than ask in this thread here is I would have preferred to change names myself within my profile. it does not seem good on privacy terms to place a new name within the post that is then easily associated with the previous name.

(Greg Stratton) #210


When I change your name, it will change it on all your previous posts and no one will know what your old name was.

You can’t change your name yourself.

Cheers, Greg


Ok, then docder is the name, thank you. J

(Greg Stratton) #212

That’s now done for you.

Cheers, Greg


I have to say, I find the ban on changing your own profile details very restricting. It is not what I would expect of Roon. Why can’t be done individually.by each user?

(Andrew Cox) #214

Hi @docder

The forum uses the open source software Discourse which provides for user names (alterable by mods and admins) and a user alterable name. Roon is only one of many users who use Discourse. I think the reasoning is that fluctuating user names make it hard for people to know who they are talking to. Anyway, the mods keep any eye on this thread and change names as requested.