I don't want my name in forum

(Eric Stewart) #150

You’re all set @Josh_H!

Happy listening!

(Josh) #151

Thank again :slight_smile:

(Steve) #152

Hi, I’d like to change my forum user name to S_J_A please or something that’s not already taken.

(Greg Stratton) #153

Hi Steve,

Done. You should be able to edit your name yourself, if you want.

Cheers, Greg

(Steve) #154

Perfect Greg, thanks!

(Thomas) #155

Please change my username to ThomasMz,


Hi @ThomasMz, that’s done for you.

(Thomas) #157

Many thanks!



Can my username be changed to ixo ?



Hi @ixo that’s done for you.


Cheers, thanks.

(Huw ) #161

can my user name be changed to Huw_Mi

(Rene Bouwmeester) #162

All set, @Huw_Mi!

(Huw ) #163

Thanks for that

(Jeremy) #164

Please change my name to Rhythmatist

(Greg Stratton) #165

Hi Jeremy,

All done.

Cheers, Greg

(Stefan) #166

could you plz chance mine into StefanB ? tia.

(Mike) #167

All set! The name should field should be editable for you :slight_smile:


Hi Andy,

Would you please do the same for me? I, too, would prefer not to display my entire name. Would you please change it to the moniker, "catman’?

Thanks, R

(Andrew Cox) #169

Changed your username :wink: and deleted your name. You can edit name yourself if you’d like to keep that part.