I dragged a single album in to import, ROON now showing 18000 files importing?

Roon Core Machine

Using an i5 NUC with 8gb ram

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Using Buffalo Switch, Auralic Aries streamer with hardwired ethernet

Connected Audio Devices

USB Hard drive connected directly to the NUC

Number of Tracks in Library

16000 tracks

Description of Issue

I dragged a single album with which was in the form of a Cue filte and the album on a single flac. ROON now shows i’m importing 18000 files and the album i was importing is not showing in my library. I cant stop the import. Is there anyway to abort this?

I can’t speak to 18000 files, but, Roon does not read/use cue/single flac so probably why it is not showing in your library. It might be there as an unidentified album with a single track?

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Hey @rob_osbourn,

It’s been a few days since you reported this — we’re sorry to hear about what you’re seeing. Could you please share how things have unfolded. If we still have the opportunity to help, we’d love to :nerd_face:

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