I encounter problems in searching the entire Qobuz catalog from within Roon

Roon Core Machine

Intel(R) Core™ i5-6260U CPU @ 1.80GHz 1.80 GHz
16,0 GB RAM

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Machine connected hard-wired to internet modem via Zyxel switch.

Connected Audio Devices

Various Bluesound devices

Number of Tracks in Library

1687 albums, of which 309 Qobuz albums

Description of Issue

It often happens that I do find an album or artist in the Qobuz app, but not with a search in Roon.
See for example the screenshots from Qobuz and Roon to Zully Goldfarb. Qobuz finds 4 albums; Roon only finds the appearance of Zully Goldfarb in one of my albums.
Otherwise, Roon works fine with Qobuz.
Qobuz screenshot:

Roon screenshot:

This is a Roon search problem that they’re aware of and are working on. There’s a quite extensive thread on Roon search sucking that provides many examples like yours for Roon to test and evaluate. Hopefully the next release will improve Roon search.

As David said it’s being worked on and is in beta currently for the first set of updates to the search engine, with more planned after that’s released.

Thanks David and Simon for your responses. I will have to be patient for a while.

Hopefully won’t be long.

It’s only been 2 years yet, how long can it be :rofl:

Well it’s actually being looked at and is in active development which previously it wasn’t.

On my side, the search function of Roon only offers me searches from MY library … and never from Qobuz !

example :
I wanted to listen to the Beatles album “Sgt. pepper’s” (not too well known …) that I don’t have in my favorites.
Well Roon doesn’t offer it to me!! just covers of tracks I have in favourites :sob:

The problem comes from me or from Roon ?!
Thank you for your help :wink:

Where are you searching from?
Can you post a screenshot of where you are searching from exactly, within the Roon environment I mean.

I’m not looking in the right place ?
thank you for your help in any case …