I have 600 + albums in Tidal and 1600+ in Roon

Core Machine

iMac 10.14.6

Network Details

Audio Devices

Bluesound Node2i

Description of Issue

I have 600 + albums in Tidal and 1600+ in Roon
Roon is splitting up some compilations I think.
I’ve messed with the import settings but no luck. What is the best way to remedy this problem?

Try to follow the guides:

If you still have split-out tracks or discs

This does not help me as I am importing from Tidal. And after importing there are hundreds of albums with one song on them. Is there a particular import setting that will help?

If Tidal is affected, how about you present some problematic examples so others can check?

Does Roon make albums from playlists? Maybe that’s whats happening because I dont have that many compilations and I have imported a bunch of playlists.

I just want my Tidal album list and Roon album list to be the same and they are not.

In the Tidal app and under the Tidal heading in Roon I have the proper number of albums 600+
but in the Roon album heading I have 1600+ albums. Hundreds of them with just one song.
Can someone please explain how this can be so?
I may be missing something obvious but I dont know what it is. I’m sorry to be a hassle.

Ahhh “community…”

Hey @Mark_Uelses!

Thanks for reaching out about this behavior. It’s not entirely clear what you’re describing. Can you share some screenshots of what you’re seeing? For example

These instructions for sharing screenshots should help.