I have a hard time to connect ropieee to roon core by wifi.

I have a hard time to connect ropieee to roon core by wifi.
I am using rasberrypi 3B+.
When ropieee is connected to ethernet, it is displayed normally on roon audio settings.
But when ropieee is connected to wifi, it isn’t displayed on roon audio settings.(ethernet is unplugged.)
Wifi connect is normal. I can see ropieee setting screen through a web browser. Also I can connect to ropieee by ssh.
It just does not appear in the roon audio settings window.
I sent a feedback (5e904fc37b5a87ab)

@bae_hyojin Roon wont display an endpoint unless is a DAC configured and powered on…that could be your issue.

Your WIFI also has to be on the same network segment.

Yes, I knew that.
Raspberrypi has usb-dac and Hifiberry digi board installed. The wifi is also in the same network.
When I enable ethernet, It works very well. Usb-dac and Hifiberry are displayed on Roon Audio Settings.

Just to be sure what is your Core running on and are any firewalls or antivirus active? What version of Ropieee are you running too?

Note Ropieee only supports DHCP for wifi connections so any firewall restrictions need to accommodate this

Core : Apple Mac-mini(Roon latest version). There are no firewalls and antivirus.
ropieee : latest version(20180901)

@spockfish just incase Harry missed the thread :blush:

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You send the feedback too quickly. You need to give the system some time to gather information. So next time wait a few minutes after a reboot before you send feedback.

Anyways, from what I can see is that everything appears to be normal. I see the hifiberry (I don’t see the USB DAC), and RoonBridge is running. Network configuration also seems fine.

Are you sure about your network setup? Is the Roon core accessible from the wifi network?

Regards Harry

Another device(slimdevise tranporter) can access to roon core via wifi.
I will send the feedback again. thanks.