I have a nucleus + for which I got a 1 year subscription bundled

I have a nucleus + for which I got a 1 year subscription bundled.

I already had an annual subscription - so I’ve never redeemed the 1 year.

Can I take this 1 year by way of a credit against a lifetime sub? …would seem reasonable if Roon offered this incentive to go lifetime, in return for something already bundled. (Apologies - I’m certain I’ll not be the first person to ask this question)

If I can’t do that - how can I “pre load” it into my account t so when the renewal comes around I use that rather than just get auto billed (which is what happened last time!)

You can redeem it and add another year to your current subscription, but it can not be used against a lifetime’s price.

Just follow the instructions on the card to redeem it – it’ll tell you what it’s about to do before it does anything.

Ah - that’s a shame - feels like a missed opportunity to “up sell”


Roon don’t want to “upsell”, they’d prefer your subscription $$'s for as long as possible. A lifetime is only in your interest, not theirs, if you’re in for the long term. Think about it before the January price increase.

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Well yes - I get that - but if they are giving me a free year with a Nucleus+ then I’d have thought they might see the benefits of offering $150 discount off a lifetime…

A bird in the hand etc (ie - they have now cash now, not in annual tranches that I might change my mind on)

But yeah - I’ll most likely go for the lifetime pre the end of the year :+1:t2:


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