I Have a Windows 7 PC with ton of music

I have a Windows 7 PC operating system with 1 TB of music and I want to be able to use Roon. How will that work. Also where does Roon store the music. I also have a Innous MK3 mini that plan to store the music but I cannot see the music on Innous MK3

What spec is your PC ?

Roon doesn’t shift your music or alter files (unless you tell it to delete Albums or Tracks). You just point Roon at your existing music.

Roon is a two step system. The Roon Core must reside on a computer, either your PC or the Innuos MK3 (which is a PC). The second part of the system are endpoints, which can be another PC or a DAC. If you install the core on your Win7 PC, you can play music directly from the PC to an amp or a DAC connected to an amp. You can also stream to the Innuos over your network. If you install the core on the Innuos it all works the same. No matter where you install the core, you can control it from any device attached to your network that can run Roon. So, if the core is on the Innuos you can control it from your PC, your phone, or any tablet that can run Roon.

It seems to make the most sense to put the core on the Innuos (which is what it was designed to do) and transfer your music files from the PC to the Innuos. That way you don’t need to run the PC just to listen to music.

As it supposed to :grinning:
It will work !

Where you tell Roon your music is.
Roon database, if that’s your question, is where you installed Roon server.

You must go to setting in Roon, and tell Roon where music is stored.

The easiest way is to intall ROON (complete, server + control)
on your Windows 7 PC and attach your DAC with S/PDIF (optical/coaxial)
you have to check if your motherboard has a optical S/PDIF out

If you want it more complex with Ipad control, install only ROON Server, and the ROON remote
on Ipad
Connect your DAC also with S/DIF to your PC