I Have finally worked out the best way of adding pdf files - your experience?

One downside of downloading music files from Presto and other sources is that the download might not include the album booklet. And many of us have earlier rips that sit without documentation, something ROON now allows to be added via pdf files.

I’ve messed about with a variety of methods to create pdf files with converted WORD format one of them, now abandoned. What I’m finally doing is creating Publisher files which, like WORD, can be saved in pdf format direct . The advantage I find with Publisher is that photos are neatly inserted with text wrapping around them neatly. The end result is a nice mix of downloads and photos off the net.

I have not attempted to use OCR software for quite awhile as my earlier experiences were really not very successful, particularly in reading album booklets which often have text overlaid on graphics. So, to copy an album booklet I scan in the pages and insert them as pictures. Sometimes the scan needs tidying up with simple Photoshop software so copying a booklet can be a bit tedious but rewarding with viewed remotely accessing/controlling ROON on an iPad or similar.

With some albums I include two pdf files 1. Reviews etc of the particular album (As has been commented here before we do not always agree with the review via allmusic.com so I like to have alternatives) & 2. Extra notes on the composer and artist (who sometimes comments on the composer) to supplement those on ROON.

This whole process is a hobby in itself!!

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WordPerfect handles text and images really well.